If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’d know that I frequently share my thoughts and insights about multisourcing and service integration. Often I discuss Cisco ServiceGrid, our flagship integration platform in the cloud that enables multiparty service collaboration.

ServiceGrid is a powerful and strategic solution for companies that have complex and growing network ecosystems. Among other things, ServiceGrid enables companies to manage their entire ecosystems with a central point of control to actively govern all aspects of service performance.

But did you know that Cisco is one of the largest users of SG through its Smart Bonding offering?

ServiceGrid Smart Bonding

ServiceGrid Smart Bonding is a B2B process that establishes a real-time connection between Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) incident management system and that of our business partner or customer.

The beauty of ServiceGrid Smart Bonding is once a support issue is added into the system, it’s bonded and users are able to synchronize case information instantly to create, monitor, update and close Cisco service requests within their own incident management systems. This pretty much eliminates delays associated with repeated status updates and creates a platform for instant collaboration and information sharing throughout the support workflow. This in turn:

  • Eliminates ticketing duplication efforts
  • Facilitates quicker response times
  • Reduces errors and operating costs
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Here’s the Proof.

July 2016_Jim2

And, as I mentioned earlier, ServiceGrid Smart Bonding not only provides our customers and partners with a competitive edge, operational efficiencies, and increased productivity, but Cisco as well. That’s right. We use ServiceGrid Smart Bonding and with impressive results.

July 2016_Jim2b

So, there you have it. ServiceGrid Smart Bonding provides a simple solution for simple connections to Cisco TAC and it’s all enabled by ServiceGrid. If you would like to learn more about ServiceGrid products and services visit us at http://www.cisco.com/go/servicegrid.


Jim McDonnell

Director, General Manager

ServiceGrid, CMCP, UCSF Alliance