“The potential is there, the benefits are ready to be realised, and the imperative to act is clear; energy efficiency is poised to be a key component of global inclusive growth along the transition to a sustainable energy system.”

Faith Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA)1


Enterprises globally are on a mission to both decrease their operating costs and reduce energy consumption and global carbon emissions.

From universities to corporations and even municipalities, the ones that are most successful in their sustainability efforts are the ones that remove the guess work from their energy management strategy. They have discovered their need for an optimized energy management plan.

The perfect plan uses feedback from as little as a dozen to potentially thousands of energy monitoring sensors to gain insight into when, where, and how much energy is being used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Making an Impact Around the World

In the last two years, Cisco Energy Management has managed more than 1.5 million IP-connected end devices for 142 public sector customers around the world. To date, the average annual energy savings is more than $18.3 million!

Public sector stats

Our customers are interested in saving money and the planet. They look to us to provide them with the tools to make it happen. For instance, earlier this year we played a pivotal role in helping Flextronics Penang (Malaysia) reduce energy consumption on its factory floor. Our monitoring sensors showed them the best times to hibernate and power off devices saving them an estimated $85,000 a month, just over $1 million a year.

Another instance is the Hammond School District in Indiana. Our Energy Management Suite enabled the District to create laser-focused policies to automatically power down network-connected devices reducing power consumption by 35 percent and projected annual savings of $31,500.

The latest example is the City of Glasgow, Scotland. The city’s Council wanted to gain visibility into the amount of energy consumed by the IT infrastructure for its more than 700 buildings. Cisco Energy Management has been measuring power usage in real-time and below are the results:

City of Glasgow stats
*Estimated amount converted from British pounds.
**Phase 3 anticipated to begin in Spring 2016

Andrew Mouat, Principal Officer of Carbon Management for the Glasgow City Council had this to say, “Cisco Energy Management Suite is a key project in reducing energy costs across our 700-plus buildings, aiding our evolution into a smart city and making savings for reinvestment.”

So, what about the business you’re in? How beneficial would it be if you could measure the energy consumption of every high value asset with additional sensors and every IP connected device without the need of any additional sensors (server, router, switch, laptop, monitor, printer, etc.) in your company? Do you think it would help you set up policies and processes to reduce energy consumption and costs?

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1© OECD/IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015, IEA Publishing. License: http://www.iea.org/t&c/termsandconditions


Guneet Bedi

Director, Product Management

Asset & Energy Analytics