The 3rd Annual Data Science Awards were extremely competitive, representing hundreds of employees’ innovations across 5 categories: Product or Service Innovation,  Customer or Workforce Experience, Cost Reduction, Top Line Revenue Growth, and Benefitting Humanity.

And the winners are…

Product or Service Innovation

For their work on telemetry-enabled hardware failure predictions, we congratulate James Turman, Shi-Jie Wen, Ranjani Ram, Dmitry Goloubew, Amir Mallick, and Ajoy Das!

Customer or Workforce Experience

For their work on predictive analysis with Sentimeter, we applaud Nitin Dhingra, Suresh Jaiswal, Hari Haran S M, Anup Nair, Chris Bagin, Ajay Chopra, Anna Wengreen, Elizabeth Kassem, Anne Smith, Idris Kuti, and Juan Hernandez Beruben!

Cost Reduction

For their work on an optimization algorithm for a Sales Opex Investment Model, our congratulations go to Ted Tsortos, Jiabin Zhao, Rizen Yamauchi, and Rasika Pande!

Top Line Revenue Growth

For their work on Universal Risk Model & Recommendations for CX Renewals, we congratulate Prasanna Paul, Sandhya Narayanan, and C G Anil!

Benefiting Humanity

For their work on SensorDog for transportation, our congratulations go to Simon Young, Hugo Latapie, John Judge, Ramana Kompella, Oz Kilic, and Gaowen Liu!

SensorDog  Solution Details

Road trauma continues to rise in Australia, and despite multiple campaigns and interventions, someone is killed or hospitalized every 46 minutes because of a crash on roads in Australia. The Department of Transport (TfNSW) turned to Cisco to see if we could use our technology to assist. Using an AI system (SensorDog for Transportation), developed internally at Cisco using unsupervised learning and an ability to understand behavior of objects, we ran a successful trial in Sydney, Australia.

The Cisco AI reasoning engine solution has the ability to automate the identification of high-risk intersections through video data, the causes of the risk, and then prioritize intervention. The customer was so pleased with the solution that it received Ministerial approval, has been rolled out to 4 additional intersections, and has spearheaded work on an AI program in the department. The value of our solution is the opportunity to save lives and reduce road trauma.

Please join me in congratulating all of this year’s winners!



Jennifer Redmon

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