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Social Media Tips in Bite-Sized Packaging

As the year is drawing to a close, I like to reflect on the friendships and professional relationships I have built and nurtured over the year. There are many people and organizations that come to mind and it would be too long to list them all. Let’s just say, it’s been a wonderful year and I cherish all of these relationships. For my last blog post of the year, I want to spend a few minutes to introduce you all to a friend whom I met 2 years ago in a professional capacity, and our professional relationship has blossomed into a friendship over the course of this year. Natascha Thomson (@nathomson) is a fellow social media practitioner and a fellow yogini (an added benefit in my book :-)). How do I know Natascha? Well, we met on Twitter…

Natascha has started several social media groups in the Silicon Valley and you may have seen her passionately giving social media tips in this video collage. Just last month, she published her first book, 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing, she co-authored with other social media practitioners. This book is a collection of hands-on social media marketing tips and real-life examples you can act upon right away.  I had a chance to (virtually) sit down with Natascha to learn more about this new book. Read More »

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A Book on Social Media for A Good Cause

I love writing about people or initiatives that help advance society. That brings me to this blog post: Smart Business, Social Business, a new book by Michael Brito (@britopian), VP of Digital at Edelman. Although the book is not out yet, I’m already excited for 2 reasons:

1.        The book focuses on the internal requirements of enabling a successful social business – a topic close to my heart and one that is often an “overlooked” or “after thought” area for many companies. It walks the reader through the internal transformation of organizations into a social business and describes the key factors to be considered in this evolution.

2.       Michael will be donating the book royalties to Not for Sale, a non-profit organization on a quest to end human trafficking and slavery.

The book will be available on July 26 but you can pre-order now. What can be better than learning and helping at the same time? We sat down with Michael to learn more about his cause and of course, the book. Check out our interview with him and some exclusive lessons learned – you’ve heard them here first!

Lesson #1: Operationalize social media internally to have a more effective external voice.

Lesson #2: Pay close attention to the social customer, understand their behaviors and usage models, and build core relationships with them (usually through their social counterparts, the Community Managers and subject matter experts).

Lesson #3: In order for an organization to really change, there must be a fundamental shift in culture that starts at the top and filters down to the rest of the organization.

To learn more about Michael’s book, visit  Happy reading!

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