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Cisco’s Social Channel Feeds allow encourage visitors to continue their social journeys from YouTube.

YouTube video plays several key roles in the Customer Journey. The video platform offers customers a way to engage through comments and sharing content with one another and plays a supporting (sometimes starring) role in other social media campaigns by serving up videos for Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

While it is more obvious that these other Social Media Platforms steer the customer journey towards YouTube videos, it is also interesting to note where and how the customer journey continues on from online video. Video can and does assist in the continuation of the customer journey towards these other social media platforms. The trick is optimizing YouTube to tap the full potential online video has in supporting and continuing the customer journey:

YouTube keywords and Google’s blended search results mean that video increases the traffic and readership of blogs and website. Forrester reported back in 2009 that video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results, so regardless of whether or not a customer starts their journey with an actual video,  because of  blended search results, YouTube is already assisting in the start of many a customer’s journey. YouTube matters, so start optimizing it to support, continue and strengthen your customer’s journey.

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