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Libfabric: Cisco’s journey, playing well with MPI

In the previous blog entry, I shared the slides of one of the mini-talks that I gave at EuroMPI 2015 in Bordeaux, France (and don’t forget to start planning for EuroMPI 2016 in Edinburgh, Scottland).

The second mini-talk I gave was twofold in itself: I discussed Cisco’s journey from the Verbs API to the Libfabric API, and discussed how well Libfabric plays inside the Open MPI implementation.

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Crazy ideas to revamp MPI_INIT and MPI_FINALIZE

I recently had the pleasure of attending EuroMPI 2015, hosted by INRIA in Bordeaux, France (…hey, you should attend EuroMPI 2016 in Edinburgh, Scottland!).

I gave two mini-talks during my speaking slot, the first of which was entitled: Crazy ideas about revamping MPI_INIT and MPI_FINALIZE.

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New life for C++ in MPI

I recently received an interesting email from Heiko Bauke about a new C++-based message-passing library that he is working on called MPL.

His library aims to make a simple-to-use library that exploits the features available in modern C++ compliers — it’s not a simple 1:1 mapping of C-to-C++ bindings like the MPI 2.x C++ bindings were.

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MPI-3.1 books now available in hardcover

MPI-3.1 hardcover bookSimilar to previous versions of the standard, the MPI-3.1 standard is now available in hardcover.

Even though I have a copy of the MPI-3.1 PDF for quick/easy reference on my laptop, I find something intangibly inherently useful (and comforting?) in having a paper copy of the standard to thumb through.

The books have been (literally) spanning the color spectrum:

  • MPI 2.1: hardcover was yellow
  • MPI 2.2: hardcover was orange
  • MPI 3.0: hardcover was green
  • MPI 3.1: hardcover is blue

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Libfabric paper at IEEE Hot Interconnects

Later today, Sean Hefty will present a paper about the OpenFabrics Interfaces (a.k.a. “libfabric“) at the 2015 IEEE Hot Interconnects conference.

Libfabric is the next-generation Linux library being developed by an open source consortium of vendors and academic researchers that implements the OpenFabrics Interfaces, specifically designed to expose application-focused networking functionality to high performance applications (e.g., MPI, PGAS, SHMEM, datacenter applications, etc.).

I’ve described libfabric in a few prior blog entires, and how we actively support Cisco usNIC functionality in libfabric.

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