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Interoperability is Freedom of Communications

…vation, create economic value, and increase choice for users of voice, and video communications, entertainment and services.  ZKResearch underlines that the first step to enabling pervasive video is attaining basic levels of interoperability for video calling through development and implementation of standards. Do you agree that interoperability and open standards for video calling are important?  Cast your vote in our Facebook poll, and share…


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Cisco Unified Communications 9.0 – Bridging Systems to Connect Collaboration Experiences

Interoperability. This is a broadly used term in the industry, and at Cisco, we often talk about it in the technical context of the IT stack. However, let’s take a step back and focus on what we want to achieve through interoperability—connecting the right collaboration experiences to the right devices and users. With Cisco Unified Communications (UC) 9.0 we deliver a series of enhancements that bridge systems, resulting in increased…


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Interoperability + Collaboration = The Key to Any or All

…resence systems, our immersive, and even third-party standards-based video endpoints.  Let’s be clear: It is not about choosing one or the other, it is about using any or all. The great news is that at Cisco, standards-based interoperability is key and we make the pieces all work together—whether they were made by Cisco or not.  Architecture matters. Another point I’d like to make, is that I don’t believe in “one-size-fits all” or that any one…


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Making interoperability work in unified communications and collaboration

…sting collaboration environments while providing a consistent and compelling user experience. This is what customers want. What the industry needs to do: A critical part of the answer is for vendors to share a commitment to  interoperability, and to understand and acknowledge how critical interoperability is to customers and the industry. Vendors express commitment by: facilitating great customer experiences across systems disclosing interface…


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Cloud Computing Standards Update: ITU-T

…an quadrupling in size between 2010 and 2015 to become an industry worth approximately $120 billion. However, concerns with the portability – freedom to transfer data between the clouds of different providers – and the interoperability of cloud solutions has led to calls for standardization to fuel further industry growth . Jamil Chawki of France Telecom Orange was appointed Chair of the new Cloud Computing Working Party, which will take…


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