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On The Price of Innovation

…rd last week that some folks want to be known as innovators, which is certainly a laudable goal.  The thing is, innovation is the domain of engineers, not accountants and, sadly, not even marketing folks.  Face it, when accountants get innovative, we end up with things like Enron—not so good. Delivering meaningful innovation to the market starts as an organizational imperative that has to then be nurtured with an ongoing commitment of time and re…


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Cisco Wins Top Networking Vendor in Middle East Award

…t, Cisco won the most-coveted Networking Vendor of the year category. The win crowns our focus on defining true innovation and operational excellence to our customers in the region and a real testimony by our customers and partners. Once we were nominated and shortlisted, the category was then opened to the public for voting to take place. Cisco received 1800 votes, which equated to 33% of the overall voting total – polling ahead of other s…


Latin American Renaissance

…eat opportunity not only to listen and learn, but also to lead and engage in discussions regarding the need for innovation, better infrastructure and a competitive environment and also provided a platform to illustrate the key role technology is playing to help solve some of the region’s most critical problems in the areas of education, healthcare and infrastructure. Cisco actively participated in both private and public sessions. Our delegation…


In Between the Numbers: Less than a Third, and Less than Half.

…e – have so few new “breakthrough” ideas found acceptance? Here’s a hypothesis: Caught in an ever-fast cycle of innovation, the sales and engineering departments – understandably – always seek more. More headroom. More functionality. More interoperability. We dream of the possible. We dream of platforms, of vendor lock-in, of recurring streams of high-margin revenue, of bosses pinning ribbons to our medaled chests. Ignore the cost implications fo…


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2011-A Year of Renewal for the Financial Services Industry

Innovation seems to be back on the menu for many of the leading Financial Services players in 2011. It is a different type of Innovation though: it comes with a sense of urgency and a need to radically transform the business. It has moved from the category of a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. Why is that? Mainly because many of the traditional Revenue and Profit ‘carpets’ have been pulled out from under the feet of th…


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