You probably have already heard that during CiscoLive Milan, we have unveiled the new additions to our Data Center and Cloud networking portfolio:

New Nexus Switches

  • New Nexus 7706 and a high density F3 Series 1/10G module for Nexus 7700 provide increased deployment options for data center interconnect, core or aggregation.
  • The next generation Nexus 5600 family offers VXLAN bridging and routing capability, line rate L2/L3, and 40G uplinks, to deliver high performance in a compact form factor for 10G Top of Rack, 1/10G FEX aggregation deployments.
  • New Nexus 6004 Unified Port LEM Module brings industry’s highest UP port density in a four RU form factor simplifying LAN and SAN convergence.
  • New Nexus 3172TQ top of rack 1 RU switch delivers industry-first 1/10G BaseT copper server access and superb performance combined with robust NX-OS features.
  • New Nexus 1000V on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor brings OpenStack cloud a fully integrated network virtualization solution that can be deployed consistently across VMware, Microsoft, and Linux based software platforms.


Data Center Nexus Networking Momentum

From Nexus 1000V to the Nexus 9000, Cisco’s holistic approach resonates with customers because it provides increased business agility, operational efficiency, and empowers IT to rapidly evolve as business requirements change.

Here are the latest examples of why our customers chose Nexus:

FloraHolland is a cooperative of 5000 horticultural growers, 600 of which are based outside the Netherlands, founded around the region’s famous tulip trade. It helps members sell flowers through a series of daily auctions, which are hosted on two Cisco Nexus 7000-based data centers.

“We’ve deployed two virtual data centers based on a core of Cisco Nexus 7004 Series Switches, enabled with Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) between the Datacenters and Cisco FabricPath within the Datacenter, which ensures high performance with nonstop access to critical business applications and information.  Cisco’s new Nexus 7000 extensions will offer even greater performance and 10/40G connectivity options, ensuring investment protection as we continue to expand our operations.”

                                                      Wil Schenkeveld, infrastructure architect, FloraHolland

Eaton is a worldwide power management company providing energy-efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power.

“When planning the massive data center move, our goals were to do so with a minimal amount of resources, changes to our applications, and downtime during the move, The Cisco Nexus 7000 along with OTV allowed us to move mission critical data centers 400 miles away and still accomplish those goals.  In addition, the use of 10 Gig, vPC, and Nexus 2000 Fabric Extenders allowed us to reduce our hardware and cabling footprint significantly, while at the same time maintaining a high level of resiliency in our design.  In our previous two data centers we had to manage 20 Catalyst 6500s, now with the Nexus 7000 and these technologies we have reduced our administration to only 8 switches in the two facilities.  We look forward to Cisco’s continued innovation in the data center and our continued work with the Nexus products.”

                                                                          Todd Deaver, Network Services, Eaton

Kuwait Petroleum Italia is an affiliate of Kuwait Petroleum International, the group responsible for refining and distribution of oil products outside Kuwait.

“We’ve deployed Nexus 10Gbps connectivity from the core to the access network with Cisco Nexus Series switches in our main Rome data center, and back-up facility in Naples, Italy, along with Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to speed application delivery and reduce expenses. We’ve had great success with Nexus 7000 Series in the core, Nexus 5000 Series Switches to provide high throughput and distributed access to servers, and the Nexus 3000 Series in the Rome data center to deliver business critical applications with ultra-low latency access throughout the network, and are looking forward to adding in the new functionality that Cisco is announcing today. To date, we’ve achieved a 99 percent availability in the data center, and application performance through VDI has improved 70 percent, while device provisioning times and cabling requirements have fallen by about 60 percent and 30 percent respectively. Power consumption has lessened by a similar amount.”

                                 Simone Rischia, IT operations manager at Kuwait Petroleum Italia  


Our customers select Cisco as their trusted partner and Cisco Unified FabricNexus and MDS portfolios as their network in their journey to delivering IT as a Service. And there is a reason for that! Unlike other vendors in the industry, Cisco continues to empower you delivering architectural flexibility, enabling your data center to be a more agile, cost effective and efficient environment, freeing up your IT staff to concentrate on taking care of initiatives that really matter to the business and increasing your bottom line!



Berna Devrim

Former Senior Manager of Marketing

No Longer at Cisco