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Preventative Medicine or Emergency Surgery? Healthcare and the Cloud

…was a high priority. There was very strong interest in exploring the evolving standards around Cloud Computing interoperability, especially as it related to compliance and auditing. Cisco’s Becky Swain and Chris Hoff, along with many others, are deeply engaged in driving the vision and execution of these standards and recommendations. These include Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), Consensus Assessment Initiative (CAI) and CloudAudit Understand…


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Why do IT Upgrades Make Me Nervous?

…a lava pit. Yes, upgrading the technology can offer a host of advantages and cost savings. But concerns about interoperability, unforeseen complications, the ability to operate the enhanced infrastructure, and sheer uncertainty often turn technology upgrades into a heart-palpitating thrill ride that is best delayed, if not altogether avoided. For some it just seems better to leave well enough alone. Thus, among these people, there seems to be…


RFID: Context Aware and Location – a Brief History & Introduction

…ue WIP parts and highly mobile tooling using AeroScout tags and a Cisco WLAN. The joint solution has been joint interoperability tested, and has been installed at several other Cisco customers in recent years. The benefits are profound. Cisco Access Points and AeroScout Location Receivers determine accurate location and movement of assets. Production progress is automatically logged based on location, reducing manual logging time. Audit fines are…


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To Tell the Truth: Multihop FCoE”>”To

…op” rules and – surprise! surprise! – is defined in the FC-BB-5 standard for switch-to-switch interoperability (as I’ve mentioned before). Since we’re looking at this from a Fibre Channel perspective, it’s important to make some observations here. First, this gives SAN admins the most control and most visibility into all aspects of SAN traffic. Second, as you can see there is no extra “special sauce&#8221…


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Taking TelePresence Everywhere!

…big step forward in delivering on that vision by announcing additions to our umi telepresence product line and interoperability between Cisco Business TelePresence and umi telepresence in the home. The new additions to the umi product family include our new umi 720, which offers a best-in-class video calling experience that people have come to expect from Cisco but at a lower price point and requiring less bandwidth. We also introduced ūmi Conne…