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Making the Roads Safer Through the Internet of Everything

Over a decade ago, I started thinking about what life would be like with connected cars. Erratic drivers, speeding tickets and unfavorable weather could be avoided while driving. I read an article recently that takes a more in-depth look at the future of connected driving titled, Big Data: When Cars Can Talk by Jeff Bertolucci of InformationWeek. It begs the question: how can connected roads, cars and drivers make for a safer traveling experienc…


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Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series–The “Connected Boulevard”: Taking the Fast Lane to the Internet of Everything

As urban growth accelerates and resources are stretched thin in cities around the globe, the concept of “Smart Cities” is more important than ever before. That’s one reason I’m excited to be in Nice, France, this week to help launch the “Connected Boulevard,” an ambitious proof of concept built to leverage and anticipate the Internet of Everything (IoE) for smart and connected city services. The Connected Boulevard is the first real-world exampl…


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The Evolution of Customer Experience: Synchronicity!

I love shopping. I love traveling. I hate going to the hospital. I sometimes like going to the bank (only if it involves the depositing a large check). On the surface, it may seem that there’s no common thread about each of these experiences, however, there actually is a lot in common! Each of these industries (retail, transportation, healthcare, banking) is becoming more passionate about truly delivering good customer experience and building cu…


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Data Visualized: IT Perceptions of the Internet of Things

A few weeks ago Cisco released the Global IT Impact Survey.  For this survey we interviewed over 1300 IT professionals across 13 countries, at all ages of their careers — those in their 20s all the way through those over 60. We had people from many different industries — education, construction, government, transportation, consulting, utilities — and more. When we released the survey, the analysis we did was really just a small part of what c…


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Prince Philippe of Belgium Visits Cisco

We have had a royal visit here at Cisco today. His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium, next in line to the Belgian throne, regularly leads economic missions throughout the world. This month, he is presiding over a Belgian delegation in Silicon Valley. The objective of this economic mission is to put Belgian executives in contact with leading companies in the Valley so that they can exchange ideas, build business relationships and find new…