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Unlocking the Connected Guest Experience

…pening in hotels are also happening across various industries. New mobile capabilities in retail, education and transportation are creating new ways for customers, students and citizens to receive engaging content that can transform their experience. Some examples include: Retailers can offer shoppers mobile updates when they are in the store about new products and special sale items. College freshman can receive turn-by-turn directions to landm…


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From Cisco Live Milan…with Love

…t your appetite with a few of the great standalone conversations we had that are now trickling out.  Connected Transportation, which I initially confused with our IoE or Internet of Everything….but its not the same of course. Barry Einsig comes to Cisco from a very in depth background in all things transportation. Its a great example, if you are not familiar already, with how much depth there can be in any one subject. Great, industry specific e…


#IoE Napkin Math and Your Daily Commute

…light trucks in the US, based on a 2013 Experian Automotive market analysis. According to the US Department of Transportation (DoT), US drivers travel approximately 3 trillion miles annually. Also from the US DoT, vehicles travel at an average speed of 32 miles per hour. I’d scan in a copy of the actual napkin but you wouldn’t be able to read it. (The one in this article is a recreation) Here are our Napkin Math results: there are 10…


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IoT at Mobile World Conference with Cisco and SAP

…with folks, where they were able to quickly apply the same logic to other collision avoidance opportunities in transportation and mining for example. Smart Vending.  This life-size solution was constantly abuzz with activity.  I actually had a chance to get in on the action and walked away with a Kit-Kat candy bar.  Basically, the demo takes the vending experience to a new level.  Participants are offered some free money as credit that is charge…


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No matter how harsh is your work environment, Cisco has you covered

…deployed in thousands of customers network across various industries like Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & gas, Transportation and Utilities. The Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 IP67 Series switches are a line of switches that integrate Cisco’s Leadership in Ethernet switching technology with a highly ruggedized form factor that can be used in extremely harsh environments. The IE 2000 IP67 series provides customers with ease of use, secure access…


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