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Wireless-N on Both Ends

…levels? Installing a Wireless-N router in your home is the first step to establishing a network that is capable of supporting today’s most bandwidth-hungry applications, like HD (high-definition)-video and simultaneous gaming/web-surfing. To take full advantage of these innovative applications, however, equip your device with a compatible adapter, such as a Wireless-N USB adapter or a Wireless-N gaming adapter. Wireless-N on both ends…


Adapters Debunked

…is small enough to travel with your laptop, so you don’t compromise range or speed when you hit the road. And we’re not done there. Play online games with the same vigor as you compute with a Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming adapter. Plugging right into your Ethernet-enabled gaming console, it gives you the freedom to get your game on without wires. If you’re USB-port inclined, look into getting a Dual Band Wireless-N USB adapter,…


Virtual Worlds is now Virtual Environments

…in this blog. This blog started out mainly focusing on virtual world activity but has grown in scope since its launch in 2007. We have posts on virtual web based environments (mostly as relates to events), augmented reality, gaming, and of course virtual worlds so it seemed only fitting to change the name to more accurately reflect the content being shared. The growth of the topics covered via this blog became very clear when I went to…


Cisco Gets Real with Alternate Reality Games

…countries and languages, showed critical thinking skills, learned new things, and best of all, had fun.  I have a feeling that all of us will be seeing more ARGs in our future.  I’ll post my thoughts on gaming as a tool for learning in my next blog. Do You Want to Play a Game? Many of you have asked me if you can play The Threshold, so here you go.   (Remember, this is all about solving puzzles by…


Gaming and Virtual Reality at Cisco’s Annual Sales Meeting

…e future.  If you go back to one of our key goals of educating the team, I think this format yields better results than an in-person event.  As a matter of fact, the event has opened my eyes and I believe that gaming and ARGs will play a significant role in the way we learn in the future.  Why can’t learning be fun and interactive and  …a game.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able…