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The Monetization of Me: Calculating the Return on Exposure

…ach one of these profiles had a different set of requirement / preferences for how these assets (music, social, gaming, commerce, etc.) were accessed and used depending on where and what you were doing (preferences). I predict that in the future, consumers will have the ability to monetize themselves, with an application, for example, that provides credits to a mobile phone bill. Existing technology allows businesses to offer discounts, status an…


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How Service Providers Can Capture Seven Times Their Mobile Investment

…Cisco IBSG sees consumers demanding mobile-cloud services that fall into four key categories: Learn and Play: Gaming, video, information, productivity-enhancing services Communicate: Video calls, social networking Shop and Pay: Payments, healthcare, travel, location, context-based ads, mobile retail Monitor and Control: Home automation, surveillance Sevenfold Revenue Return on Investment Despite the $60 billion opportunity, mobile operators ha…


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Cisco Calls on Congress and FCC to Provide More Spectrum for Broadband

…es connected wirelessly to the internet – smartphones, tablets, laptops, video streaming devices, smart TVs and gaming consoles. And the devices will continue to proliferate — in just a few years, we forecast that that there will be 8 devices for every American. Not only do we send email and text messages constantly, but we’re watching massive amounts of video – from short clips of our children’s first steps to entire feature-length movies…


Mobile Data Traffic Is Exploding—but Who Is Profiting? How Mobile Service Providers Can Monetize Mobile Data

…tency will be of interest to providers that target video on demand, music, e-commerce, broadcast television, or gaming. Content providers are also very interested in end-user information, including the type of content consumed, and from which locations. Such information would allow content providers to know their customers better. However, legal compliance over privacy-related questions must be ensured. Providing user-identification services will…


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Ignore the Mouse – Get Your IPv6 Learn On at Cisco Live Orlando 2013

…ued a public “opt out” option to their customers if needed. However, there are some applications such as online gaming, VPN access, FTP service, surveillance cameras, etc., that may not work when broadband service is provided via a CGN. For our customers utilizing these types of applications, we provide the ability to “opt out” of CGN Cisco believes that the ideal way to scale CGNAT deployments is to run them with a Dual Stack or other IPv6…


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