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Optimize Social Profiles for Better Search Engine Results

…at penalizing sites suspected of utilizing those methods. Since SMO has a much more indirect effect on search, gaming it with the express intent of manipulating search results is both harder and less effective. Therefore search engines don’t seem very concerned with scrutinizing social media efforts as they are with link building efforts.  So the chief pitfalls for SMO campaigns lie more in the area of abusive or misguided practices that short c…


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Bringing Gaming to the Classroom

…As I’ve been reading about technology in education, one of the most interesting trends that keeps popping up is gaming. As a casual gamer myself, I’ve heard the arguments about how gaming improves hand-eye coordination and problem solving and all the rest. (In fact I tried many of them with my mom when I was 12 years old) But the arguments for gaming in education today are far more advanced and compelling than I’ve realized. A lot of very smart p…


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The Impact of Programmability on Networks

…ng demand for high speed residential broadband, and the proliferation of services such as HD video, interactive gaming, and social media are  heavily influencing the approach operators need to take in consideration of networks, systems, and processes. The current industry interest in network programmability focuses on the need for operators to transform their current network platforms from a heterogeneous suite of loosely coupled network and soft…


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CES 2013: An Explosion of Innovative New Devices

…Many important new innovations at CES this year—including smartphone attachments, home-monitoring software, and gaming devices—were the result of crowd-funded investment services such as We expect this type of crowd-sourced financial backing to play an increasingly important role in future innovation. A Call for Content. Consumers are getting more and more accustomed to purchasing and streaming professional video content, particu…


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The path to mature Infrastructure and Operations is through culture?

…ersion into a culture of service. From the moment you step into a hotel to the moment you sit down to test your gaming fortunes, your experience is facilitated by professionals whose job it is to ensure you have a good time. Whether greeting you at the door, serving that fine cocktail or dealing your next hand of blackjack, an excellent experience is made possible by people who know how to be of service. In contrast, many IT organizations today s…


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