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Combining the Power of Cisco and Apple

- August 31, 2015 - 115 Comments

In today’s world, technology is changing how we work every day. We’re always on the go – working from anywhere in the world at any time, and we’re increasingly dependent on our mobile devices to keep us connected. We want the best user experience regardless of where we are, and we want to know that we can always connect, that our connection is secure, and that our enterprise apps will simply work.

I’m thrilled about our new partnership we announced today with Apple. We are coming together to optimize Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps, integrating iPhones with Cisco environments and providing unique collaboration capabilities on iPhones and iPads. Together, we will enable mobile apps and experiences that deliver the quality and experience we need while meeting enterprise requirements for management and security.pi_blog-graphic_500x524_083115

Our two companies share a common passion to create a vastly improved mobile work experience. We also recognize the enormous opportunity we have to bring together the leading mobile platform and the leading provider of secure networks and collaboration to make the mobile work experience what it should be. What makes this new partnership unique is that our engineering teams are innovating together to build joint solutions that our sales teams and partners will take jointly to our customers.

Joint Engineering Efforts

Cisco and Apple both have deep cultures of innovation, and each of us brings expertise in complementary areas. There is no doubt our engineering teams will deliver incredible results as they drive deep joint development.

Initially, our teams will focus on:

  • Delivering unparalleled performance and end-to-end solutions on Cisco networks and iOS devices
  • Extending the Cisco Unified Communications experience to the iPhone
  • Transforming team collaboration with iOS experiences on Cisco Spark, Cisco TelePresence, and Cisco WebEx

Strategic partnerships and co-development are both key pillars of Cisco’s innovation strategy. This relationship highlights the value and innovative customer solutions that result when we do both.

Shared Vision

Together, Cisco and Apple will help employees and businesses collaborate and innovate anytime, everywhere, with an amazing user experience every time. We will do this by delivering a high-performance mobile experience for every employee, and a powerful collaboration platform for every business. This partnership is made for today’s mobile, digital world and we could not be more excited about what is possible as we move forward together.


Update (6/13/2016)
See what’s new from Apple and Cisco


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  1. Just heard the announcement on CNBC Market Alert. Very interested in collaborating on this mobile partnership. Sincerely, Edward

    • Wow! Yes sir! Let's roll up the sleeves and transform the next generation workforce and delight our customers.

  2. This is a very exciting and critically strategic partnership for Dimension Data and our customers.

  3. WOW!! This is huge. Cisco and Apple... Together! This will be the move that will really separate us from the competition and will make us the global consumer and enterprise leader

    This is so epic!!! Very thrilled about the partnership...can't wait to see what the future holds. :-)

  4. Interesting. Well done on both sides. The strengths and value add for customers align nicely. Exciting to consider the possibilities in UC&C. Go Faster...

    Hold on tight! Greater days ahead...

  5. We can imagine great possiblities. Ready to enguage and be part of the team working on this great partnership

  6. Very exciting news!!!

    Great news - an even better Collaboration experience on Apple

  7. Hope it last long, please Apple...

    • Yes, please

  8. This is exciting given that the devices, network and analytics are coming together much more closer than ever blurring the lines between hardware, software and services. Excited to be with Cisco on this IoE/IoT journey.

    Wow!!! This is very much appreciated. Had spoken about this sometime back in the Collaboration Summit in 2013 and then the direction was different. This will help redefine Collaboration and of-course with Apple Products you expect nothing but a very simpler way of using the features across the devices. Truly a great step forward for all of us!!!

    All in on both sides -- very excited for our future with our new partnership!

  9. Glad to hear .. I had always thought Cisco and Apple were a good fit because, like Apple, Cisco owns the hardware and the software :)

    Industry 4.0 is one of the best BYOD,At the same time hope to strengthen the cooperation with GE

  10. Talking about taking over the world ... Amazing things to come.

  11. Jeepers Batman This is Fan-Tab-U-Lous! I can't wait!! Go Chuck!

  12. Great move and our customers worldwide will be so interested in this comming solutions.

    Cisco's telepresence devices are some of the only pieces of hardware I know that compare to Apple's when it comes to the immediate satisfaction you experience on first encountering them.

    • One derogatory comment slipped through unnoticed. Great job Kevin L! Not that I have anything against Telepresence.

      I totally agree, the new ones are amazingly good looking!

    Apple has announced that products that want to be sold from the App store with IOS 9 need to be able to run in an IPv6-only network. That network might have a (Cisco) IPv4/IPv6 translator to get to IPv4 sites, but it's IPv6-only where the Apple product is. Will we be testing our products in that environment in support of them? I'd like to believe that most of this is about testing of Apple products in Cisco networks, identifying and diagnosing issues, and sending bug reports back for fixes. Do we plan focused labs for the purpose?

  13. This is a historical move ! Congratulations !

    This is the kind of collaboration that will benefit both Cisco and Apple. I can't wait to see the progress we make together.

  14. Now we are talking! One of the biggest names in Consumer electronics/devices partnering up with THE biggest name in the network. Amazing things are lining up to happen. ALL IN!

  15. This combination is just, perfect.

  16. What an amazing moment! Really look forward to see how these two companies can achieve in the future! Thanks John! Thanks Chuck! Thanks Tim!

    Wow!! Number one mobile maker company -Apple and number one network company -Cisco partnering in Collaboration space is fantastic news "This will be real Human Network"

  17. can we expect apple iphones to be handed out to employees?

    A good step in right direction. Let's execute it.

    Great news

  18. This is a great partnership for enabling IOS device to function seamlessly on Cisco networks and these devices become a enabler to productivity rise. I believe Cisco should take this partnership to the next level, where both companies are working on IOT/IOE.

  19. I remember JC was asked at a recent company meeting which company would he really like to form a strategic partnership with and he said Apple.....great to see his insider tip coming to fruition....

  20. thank you.. this is a great news

    Excited two innovation companies are partners and the prospect of what is to come.

  21. Wow! Excited to be part of this wonderful renaissance.

  22. maybe finally my iphone will work over a cisco wireless? sounds easy but it isn't...

    • my iphone works fine over the cisco network.

  23. Brilliant !!!!

  24. My evo loud chehked 533252398 mdn no

  25. Can someone involved int the CiscoApple relationshio reading this post please help me get Apple development's attention? I am asking for them to add an enhancement to their Calendar/Appointment function. I want the option to toggle DND- Do Not Disturb mode on as part of an appointment then automatically back off twhen the appointment is over. Imagine a world where no one ever has to tell an iPhone user to silence their phone during a scheduled meeting!!! Note: I already asked a former Cisco employee>>Current Apple employee to submit this enhancement and they have not taken action. Perhaps someone with a larger influence can get them to move on this. Note2: No you cannot make an app that does this. I already consulted an expert app developer and he concluded it has to be done inside the Calendar app and there are no hooks to do this.

    • David, Have you been to this website yet? Also, a team in Cisco is developing a cloud application of "If this then that" for internal use. If you are interested, you should reach out to the CITSA team.

    Great news! iOS Welcomes IOS :)

    a classic win-win! this is exciting!

  26. WOW!!

  27. Super excited to hear this news! Cant wait to see how future unfolds with this awesome collaborative effort...

    Just another step of connecting the unconnected. Great partnership and I hope it encourages more. Building joint solutions will give us the leverage with our partners and our customers. Awseome..

    We've been waiting for a partnership like this! The sky is the limit! A great way to accelerate our business and bring value to our investors.

    Great news ! Hope we'll see more potential opportunities ahead !

    Exciting News. Cisco is moving in the right direction. Enjoy Apple products.

  28. Fantastic news! Two great companies known for great products and innovation! I am excited to be part of it!

  29. Brilliant and very relevant announcement bringing the best of Apple and Cisco together.

    It's a great collaboration especially when it comes to providing world class service for our customers. Exciting journey!!

  30. Why not "Cisco Mobile Phone"?

  31. Let's invent a new word, 'Cisple' !

  32. Great news

  33. wow a telephone that can be used for collaboration, what next?

  34. Super excited to see or may be work on the user experience that Cisco & Apple can create together.

    What wonderful news. Cannot wait to see the spill-off effects for both clients and employees.. Great job Chris !

    Great Future ahead

    This is going to be an amazing blend of hardware-software-network. Using Cisco's networking expertise in apple products will benefit both the companies. World's best companies collaborating together will give best of the best products. Fantastic plan.

    Great news. Its about the BEST in the industry coming together.

    It will be good to extend this partnership for our Infinite Video application as well!

  35. I hope Identiv is also involved in this partnership, I know they're involved with Cisco for IoT

    Great news!

    WOW------ Very exciting news!!! Big powers become united....

    Great partnership !! If we look closely, part of missing Apple looks like C. So Cisco will make the Apple full.

  36. the beginning of the end for apple.......

      ...says everyone about everything Apple has done since Steve passed. Broken clocks ;)

    I'm a lifelong (literally) Apple user, and couldn't be happier to hear that Cisco is turning in that direction. Here's hoping their pervasive and passionate culture of end-user-centric design focus bleeds over to Cisco through this partnership!

    About time for this. I used to question why we were working on the Cius kind of product. Cius never made any sense to start with. Finally, we have a marriage, which makes total sense. Thank you.

  37. benar - benar dahsyat infonya

    These are exciting times for Cisco.

  38. Great news especially if Cisco can break out of an enterprise only product focus and just let the technology possibilities flow in all directions. If Apple were to open up iMessaging and Facetime to Cisco as part of an open solution, well just imagine...

      This is great news! I am thinking that all of a sudden every video endpoint would be AirPlay enabled - C Levels would rejoice I am sure!!!!!

    This is an EPIC opportunity for both companies to transform and enable the workforce of the future! Truly exciting time to be at Cisco...

  39. So glad to hear this thrilling news. Congratulation!!

  40. Wow this is amazing !!!

  41. Yes, Sir. Let us improve our performance with sophisticated technology to strengthen our economy

  42. This is a great partnership that wil benefit both companies and improve performance. The possibilites are endless. Looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.

  43. Apple's user experience + Cisco's Enterprise Technology = Unbeatable, Sexy Cool Solutions that will transform how workers & companies use technology and engage with their end customer. This is Huge !

    The announcement certainly created some waves. The statement itself was deliberately hazy.. " a partnership to create a fast lane for iOS business users by optimising Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps, integrating iPhone with Cisco enterprise environments and providing unique collaboration on iPhone and iPad..” An Apple Cisco partnership certainly brings up some interesting possibilities. I read one idea as the iPhone emulating the Cisco IP phone at the desk, but when it's disconnected from the network, it works as a normal mobile phone. Cisco's video telephony and conferencing including webex could be integrated with iOS to provide a more comprehensive experience for companies that rely on Cisco's software and services. More to follow…

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  45. A great partnership no doubt, great for the future of both organisations.

  46. a great partnership no doubt for both companies and users!

  47. Really great news.

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    All in on Both Side! This is huge!

  49. The future is finally here! Once we imagined what was possible, with high quality video calls and information sharing on our iPhones and iwatches being only just that: imagination. Now it's here, (with phones)..let's have Apple do amazing things with battery life on watches too, & then bring down the price so we can connect everything, innovate everywhere, and benefit everyone.

    This is huge, lets see what new innovations they can come up with

  50. Erp mpez

  51. Cisco+Apple=HUGE WIN

  52. TelePresence + Airplay + Facetime (end of Jabber?)Can't wait !!!

    Great news! Congratulations ! :)

    • Så kul! Det blir nog bra med tiden.

  53. for now the technology is already more advanced. we are free to use it, if at reasonable levels as needed. Thank you for the information.

    Great news for all Macolytes! Truly shows our focus on experience.

    Awesome news!!!! True collaboration amongst to 2 powerhouses!!!

  54. apple always give a good technology to us, research always be the one

  55. So excited to see this. Thank you Apple and Cisco! #Collaboration #NewCiscoiPhone #awesomeness

    This sounds Great !! Great companies joining hands together for better results.

    2 of the worlds biggest technology innovators the results should be amazing

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  57. Cisco and Apple is great combination.

    WOW! Apple @ Cisco. Sounds music to years. Can't wait to experience what is being visioned with this strategic partnership. All the best to both Cisco and Apple Team.

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  59. Cisco & Apple is great company

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  61. Maybe SSID fast swithching will work noow

  62. Interop to Facetime......that would be the end of android....

  63. This is will great news for fans apple cause CISCO its a big company in network So maybe somedaya Apple will be implemented technology from CISCO Sehat