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Four Easy Wins – One Amazing Service

June 27, 2014 at 8:02 am PST
Bryan Williams on TechWIseTV

Bryan Williams on TechWIseTV

One of my favorite unsung hero’s for making life easier with what seems like all of your Cisco devices: Smart Call Home. Machine to machine communication that is disabled by default…but just a few quick steps could make your life SO MUCH EASIER.

Smart Call Home proactively flags device issues and initiates resolution which can dramatically improve business continuity. Enabled devices continuously monitor their own health and notify you of potential issues, often before business is affected. This automated support capability reduces resolution time by up to 80%.

Imagine getting these four benefits -- right away

  • 24 hour self-monitoring and analysis of potential problems (I get this through my wife…but that’s a different story)
  • Proactive alerts with actionable resolution insights sent right to your inbox
  • Auto-generated Service Requests expediting support from Cisco TAC
  • Access to detailed device diagnoses, resolution insights, advisories and history reports through a dedicated portal.

Imagine TAC calling you with resolution of a problem you did not even know existed yet? It could happen.

Smart Call Home transforms device data from machine code for easy-to-execute, plain-language description of the alert, possible reasons for the fault, and recommendations on how to fix the issue.

I love this stuff. Our TechWiseTV episode on this came out great.


It was even my great fortune to cover for Jimmy Ray and personally host Engineer and Services Expert Bryan Williams again for the workshop. Watch right now and see just how easy it can be.



TechWiseTV Tina Shakour

TechWiseTV Jimmy Ray Purser







TechWiseTV Geeks

Going on the Mobility Offensive

April 7, 2014 at 12:31 pm PST

Are you still being ‘defensive’ with your mobility strategy? Truly embracing mobility is not about offering Wi-Fi or a comfy chair. Getting offensive with mobility involves the planned intersection of technology and business strategy allowing you to outthink and outpace your competition.

Episode 145 of TechWiseTV includes some of our favorite new stuff announced at Interop.

Watch the entire episode right now.

Quick summary -

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From Cisco Live Milan…with Love

March 4, 2014 at 11:43 am PST

alt text

We have a few full on episodes coming out of Cisco Live Milan soon as we cover launch details on hybrid cloud enablement with InterCloud plus the new APIC EM, Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, Enterprise Module. Again, these are coming soon. For now, we whet your appetite with a few of the great standalone conversations we had that are now trickling out.

Connected Transportation, which I initially confused with our IoE or Internet of Everything….but its not the same of course. Barry Einsig comes to Cisco from a very in depth background in all things transportation. Its a great example, if you are not familiar already, with how much depth there can be in any one subject. Great, industry specific examples showing where we can make a difference when connecting the previously unconnected.

In Network Programmability for Better Automation we asked about advancements in Read More »

Oscar Night Delusions

March 3, 2014 at 4:57 am PST

“I’m a photographer too!”


The Oscar’s last night reminded me of a story, shared by Stevan, one of our producers. As it goes, he was in a bar and happened upon on a conversation with a nice fellow who apparently was also a working photographer. Stevan did what many of us do naturally, which is to look for clues that we are talking to someone who is at our level professionally or someone who simply talks a lot. No alarm bells were going off…this fellow seemed straight up with consistent references to equipment, style, workflow, what have you.

Stevan was enjoying the exchange and began to think he had happened upon a new relationship that could become valuable professionally as well. This new friend spoke of his focus on celebrity photography and began to name drop, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and on and on. Suddenly, he remembered that he did have his portfolio in the car, would Stevan like to see it? ‘Sure!,’ Stevan exclaimed…that is excactly what he would like to do. His new friend returned a few moments later with a portfolio/photo album under his arm and placed it on the counter. He began narrating the back story as he showed incredible pictures with amazingly good accesss to top celebrities.

It was obvious this guy was looney tunes however.

Every picture contained celebrites just as promised…but these incredible pictures were obviously captured in someones living room. He had been taking pictures of his television set. No attempt to crop out the TV or improve the quality…this was straight up….creepy. Now what do you do? Stevan had a choice to make- confront the guy with the obvious issue or simply extract himself from the situation as quickly, politely (and safely) as possible. Was this a set up? There was an urge to look for hidden cameras. To brace for the big reveal that must happen next. Nothing happened. So there he sat, looking at pictures of this guys TV set…page after page as this ‘professional photographer’ earnestly shared his innocent(?) delusions.

Congratulation to all the winners from last nights Oscar ceremony. Perhaps you are now a fresh addition to his prized portfolio.


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Content Marketing (Made Easy)

January 22, 2014 at 7:20 am PST

Content is one thing. Marketing is another. The two are straightforward on their own but significantly more complex when combined. What we do at TechWiseTV is content marketing. But its still a work in progress.

My friend Amy Lewis (@commsninja) tweeted an article by Tracy Vides on ‘How Content Marketing is Ruining your Business”

Got me thinking about how we really have to work on the marriage between these two terms.

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