Nearly ten years ago, my journey at Cisco began with an interview that I took immediately following a graveyard shift from my previous role. 

Bansari in front of desk and Cisco logo.

What I knew of Cisco at the time was that brilliant minds worked here – intelligent, techie people. I was expecting to find the typical studious folks upon my arrival, that would be head down in their work in a serious office environment. What I found – even before entering the Bangalore campus buildingwas that Cisco had a cricket pitch, basketball court, and beautiful landscape all around. When I went into the building, I was pleasantly surprised by happy, joyful people that were bustling with the excitement and energy that I now know comes with changing the world 

The environment and the people were not the only things that impressed me that day. Perhaps, what struck me most was that people lead with empathy. The first question I was asked during my interview was, “I see you are coming after completing a night shift, do you want some tea or coffee?” It felt like I was finally home after a long trip away – a dream I didn’t quite want to wake up from.

But, when I woke, I’m happy to say that it wasn’t just a dream – Cisco was REAL! And I started my career here as a Network Consulting Engineer with Advanced Services (now our Customer Experience team) connecting and helping on-site engineers for customer engagement.  

During all these years, life at cisco has been full of learning, innovating, and working with colleagues who all enjoy thriving in the Cisco culture. We work hard, and we party hard too. Happy moments, accomplishments and celebrations were no strangers to us, and after each and every celebration – we were inspired to see what challenge would come our way next. 

Bansari with father in Cisco shirts.

I learned that Cisco invests in their employees by encouraging career growth and empowering us to integrate our work lives and personal lives. I have worked with multiple customers across the Americas, APAC, and EMEAR regions. I also received the opportunity to lead our customer engagement from the front and have always been encouraged and empowered to innovate. Being a “Cisconian” means you have numerous opportunities available to you and that you will be a part of some great innovations. You will be respected and appreciated, and – of course – supported in pursuing your passions, giving back to your community, and embraced for whoever you are. 

It’s refreshing to see a company that cares so deeply, and allows their employees to ‘be you, with us.’ 

Coming from a small town in India and now having the opportunity to work at a company like Cisco known for its collaboration and connecting the unconnectedmakes me quite a thing amongst my family. Over the years, I have seen the pride in my parent’s eyes countless times when they talk about me and what I do, “My daughter works for the best company in the world!” says my dad, proudly representing his Cisco shirt.

Indeed, it is the #1 World’s Best Workplace! And it is a place that has made me feel at home, a place that has given me an extended family in my colleagues, and a company that has made me and my family proud to be a Cisco family. 

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Bansari Trivedi

Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery

Customer Experience, Cisco