Among an array of superpowers such as flight, invisibility, and laser eyes, mind control is a superpower that some may desire. What if I told you that we already possess the power of mind control – but for our minds specifically?

It does not require any special training or heroic backstory, but simply a change in perspective.

Sometimes when we do a task that is challenging, we hear ourselves saying things like, “Do I know how to do this? I don’t know what I am doing. Am I good enough?” What if we tapped into our mind control power and changed our mindset to tell us, “I don’t know what I am doing, BUT I am willing to learn more so that I can do it.” The mindset to be willing to learn despite how hard something may be, is a driving force that continues to push me forward in my career here at Cisco.

From having little knowledge about networking to now having the opportunity of a lifetime to work at a company like Cisco, would not have been possible if I didn’t set my mind to learn as much as I can.

One of the common questions I get asked from others in regard to my experience working at Cisco is, “Did you need to be good at networking in order to do your job?” When that question first came up to me, it made me think about my overall experience since I started. From starting off as a Security Solutions Engineer Intern to an Associate Systems Engineer, one of the common denominators I realized was that I did not have a huge amount of experience to do everything. However, because of that I knew that I needed to get up to speed.

Thankfully, Cisco is awesome in investing in your growth. Whether it is through bootcamps on our technology or providing resources to obtain one of Cisco’s certifications, I felt that I was given the tools to obtain the skills needed to succeed. Additionally, the amount of help that you receive from your colleagues is another valuable component to that success. Never once have I felt that I had to do anything alone, as Cisco is one huge team that looks after one another. Because of the amount of training we receive I have been able to execute my role well.

Therefore, I have the pride in answering that question: No, as Cisco will invest in your growth as long as you are willing to utilize everything it has to offer as well as connect with those who are here to help.

So where does “mindset” come into play?

There have been times where I would feel a lot of stress and exhaustion – which can be a very common feeling with any job or new skill you’re learning about – and, especially, when that new training or skill isn’t going according to plan. I can remember times where I would mindlessly read something over and over and it wouldn’t stick. “Why can’t I get this?” “I’ve spent so much time on this?” Then I realized what was really holding me back, and that was my mindset.

In order for me to move forward properly with something I had to “put my mind to it” and remember why I was studying and that was to learn the necessary skills that I wanted to learn. Throughout my time here at Cisco I noticed that the skills you want to learn as well as the goals you set for yourself would come to fruition as long as you opened your mindset to “full send”.

Currently, I am a part of the Cisco Sales Associates Program as an Associate Systems Engineer. One of the reasons why I #LoveWhereYouWork is that we have the opportunity to learn about Cisco’s various technologies and how it helps our customers.

With all of the technical knowledge we learn, the various projects we complete, and sales acumen we must learn, it was huge for me to maintain the mindset I had for myself. Mindset has not only helped me maintain my goals, but it continues to teach me lessons about who I am as a person. Upon completion of the program, I plan to bring that mindset when I talk to customers in order to help them learn everything they can about our products and solutions.

One important aspect about mindset is that it is something unique to each individual. Your personal experiences and personality will be a huge influence on how you approach it. However, I have a couple of tips that can help drive your mindset towards something that will help you achieve your goals:

1. Stay Hungry. No, I am not just talking about food. (Although, don’t forget to eat – that’s important.) Rather, I’m talking about continuing to find ways to push your envelope whether its learning or trying to surpass a goal you set. It will help maintain your mindset to keep the momentum going.

2. Don’t be afraid to fall. You will have your ups and downs and they will test your mindset. Remember that they happen to test how strong your mindset is. Embrace everything and adjust accordingly.

3. Remember why you are doing this. While it is good to set your mind to continue growing, remember the goals that you set are what your mind is ultimately trying to reach.

And there you have it! You’ve got a brand-new superpower that is all your own to use each and every day on your career growth journey. Between Cisco’s dedication to helping you grow and utilize your strengths as part of a greater team, and the power of mindset – there will be no stopping you!


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Joe Mejica

Associate Systems Engineer

Cisco Sales Associates Program (CSAP)