Alpa standing in front of grafitti.Colour has a powerful ability in our lives. It can remove darkness, unite communities and serve a physiological and emotional change that may be needed in a specific moment. How do I know? I’m not just a marketing manager for Cisco’s EMEAR region, but I am also a self-confessed colour and style enthusiast. And I’m on a mission to unleash the power of colour to others!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to colours – from the vibrant colours of my Indian culture that I live and breathe, to the rainbow of colours that I choose to wear. Coupled with a passion for style and fashion, this led me to train and qualify in my own time, as a Personal Stylist trained in Colour Analysis. I’m fortunate to have received such warm encouragement and support from my Cisco leadership and peers to pursue my passion!

Now, I can advise on what someone’s ‘WOW’ colours might be – which would be the colours that compliment and harmonise a person’s skin tone, give a healthy glow and reflect their personality outwardly. I also understand how colour can positively contribute to someone’s mental and physical wellbeing.

The latter has never been more relevant.

At a time where we have all struggled with our overall wellbeing, I decided to help in a way I knew would put my strengths forward – by hosting workshops I call ‘Connect with Colour’. These workshops help my Cisco family, friends and community understand how they can make conscious colour choices in their daily lives to positively impact how they feel.

For example, the colour green is known for its ability to harmonise our mind, body and emotions – that’s why we feel calm and refreshed when we are surrounded by greenery and nature! Green also has the power to increase productivity by up to 15%. With that in mind, it may be beneficial to introduce plants into your home or office to positively contribute to your working day.

We have just entered a new year, and you may be thinking about embarking on a new project or hobby. The colour red will help! Either in your surroundings or in what you wear, red is the most stimulating colour and will help provide a burst of energy to motivate you to kickstart something new!

Alpa in dress.

Cisco not only supports the passions of their employees, but truly encourages us to grow through our interests too. I was empowered by my EMEAR Marketing and Distribution Leadership team to organise a health and well-being session with Jessie Pavelka, an internationally recognized fitness coach, for our valued distributors and partners. In this session, Jessie and I discussed the power of colour and how you can use colour to positively contribute to your mental and physical well-being.

As a result of pursing my passions while working at Cisco, I’ve also been inspired to give back and have been able to help bring colour to the lives that need it most. I’m currently raising funds through my Connect With Colour Workshops for a charity close to my heart: Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, which helps children with life limiting diseases.

All this work recently culminated in me qualifying as a Global Finalist for a Cisco Give Back award – the Growth Marketing Global Awards. This is a humbling recognition and shows how Cisco not only encourages us to pursue our passions and give back – but that we are supported and recognized for our efforts too! As we begin our new year, I’m excited to continue to help others through my passions while connecting them through the magic of colour.


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