If you’ve heard little rumblings in the universe about a new careers website for Cisco – they’re true!  We’ve launched a brand new site!  Why did we do this? What went into the new design? Who is this site for?  We’re about to answer all those questions and more!

For the past year, Cisco’s Talent Brand team has changed our look and voice. Gone are the days of corporate lingo and “hot jobs” – today is the day for employee takeovers via the WeAreCisco Snapchat account and showcasing our employee’s experiences through their eyes by way of Instagram. And we wanted this reflected in our new site!

The WeAreCisco Channels are about you, and me. They’re about the 70,000 co-workers we call family, and those waiting to apply for the Cisco Life. (You can now! Read this blog, then apply, apply, apply!)

 Here’s some fun facts about our new careers website:

  1. ALL of the 200+ images on our site feature REAL Cisco employees in their very real working environments! You want to know what life is like here? We’re about to show you! Cisco Employees love sharing their collective global experiences – from stunning campus scenery to team outings and anything with a Cisco logo on it – who better to tell you who we are and what we do than the Cisconians themselves?
  1. Some of the photos are even BY Cisco employees! Yes, we’re hard working, tech-loving geeks – but we’re also artists, photographers, writers, and so much more! You say, “stock photography” – we say, “no thanks!”
  1. Why did we do this? We want to change your perception of how you view Cisco (and how you view our site – it’s super mobile-friendly!) Think we’re a “stodgy 30 year old router company”? Think again. We also wanted a more user friendly site that optimized searches that were more relevant to our candidates, increased intuitiveness, and completely redesigned our navigation.


And, now, we’ll turn it over to a few Cisconians who were featured in our photoshoots and wanted to share their experiences with you all.

Gedhia Conners

I LOVE that Cisco’s new career site features images of and by Cisco employees – this site shows the real people who work at Cisco. Sure, you can get a model to act like they work here – but why not take it from us, the REAL employees, on what the Cisco Life is truly all about? Using actual Cisco employees helps tell the “WE” in the WeAreCisco story.

I’ve never done a photoshoot before, but loved being able to be a part of something so different! The entire experience was a lot of fun, but my favorite part was at the end of the shoot, I put on a crazy Mohawk helmet and one of the guys pushed me in a chair down the hall!

Just another day at Cisco? Yeah, you bet!

Rick Thiabult

We’ve all done it.  You go to buy a picture frame at the store and actually laugh at the “fake family” sitting nicely within the borders – you can’t wait to get home and replace it with something real – your family, your memories.  That’s what Cisco did with our careers site, and by using REAL Cisco employees and REAL moments throughout the site it also makes that visual message clear – you can be yourself here within the Cisco family.

In my career here at Cisco, I never had the opportunity to do a photo shoot. This whole experience was new to me and it was a lot of fun too. My favorite part was being able to see the behind the scenes of an active photo shoot happen.  The way the team would change items, positions, and furniture to get different angles and settings – it was really eye-opening and something I’ll never forget.

Brianna Burns

Not only did I love being a part of this photo shoot – but I loved that Cisco used our own employees to show what life is like here. To be able to see user submitted photos throughout the site, and photos of other employees – it’s great! I think this gives an exciting, realistic view of what is actually important to Cisco employees.

Throughout the photoshoot, the team was so friendly and fun to work with. We enjoyed working with them so much that we all had lunch together after the shoot had concluded!

Ileana Le – Photographer

WeAreCisco is all about sharing the employee experience and showcasing why we love where we work. We don’t just talk about having a great job, we actually share it with the world because we feel everyone should have a similar experience! As an “employee photographer” working on this project, I enjoyed collaborating with fellow employees on photo ideas and exploring areas of our campus we may not have seen before. It was a lot of fun to just be creative and see how our ideas came through in the photographs. We got to eat donuts, see how many different ways we could showcase the Cisco logo, jump in the air, and we even took a minute to film a mannequin challenge video while we had everyone together. As always, it’s fun to bring a group of Cisconians together, who may not all know each other, and experience teamwork at its finest.

Excited to check out our brand new careers site? We’re stoked to have you visit! Let us know what you think, and if you’re ready to join the Cisco Life — Apply!



Casie Shimansky

Content Strategist | Provider of Pixie Dust

Employee Storytelling