There’s magic to be found at Cisco! When I started here six years ago, I knew that I was going to work for an extraordinary company. I did not expect that I was going to form real bonds with my colleagues or that I would find people who would become my travel buddies, my karaoke partners, and my friends.

Silke, Jenny, and two colleagues in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

My journey at Cisco started as an Associate Sales Representative in the Internal Trainee Program. I had just finished university and was looking forward to finding my place in the IT industry. Like most graduates, I had high hopes: I wanted a fun job, exciting challenges and good benefits.  

But most of allI hoped I would find nice colleagues.  

Now, I can say that I found more than “just nice colleagues.” I made real friends at Cisco! Like many people, I spend most of my waking hours during the week at work, and I am glad that I can also say that I spend a lot of that time with great people, too

About two years ago, Jenny became part of my team, starting as a trainee in the summer of 2018. It did not take us long to discover that we had a lot in common: from geeking out about a new season of our favourite show on Netflix, loving escape rooms and singing karaoke, to being fans of books in general and especially of Harry Potter.  

The latter inspired us to travel to London, where we went to the Harry Potter studio tour, took pictures in our Ravenclaw coats (yes, we even share the same Harry Potter house) and drank butterbeer (which unfortunately I cannot recommend). We took pictures in front of set pieces from the movie, spent way too much time in the souvenir shop, and even got a witchy mugshot.  

You know what they say, right? Colleagues who hex together, will stay together! 

Silke and Jenny are all smiles on the Harry Potter studio tour.

But we didn’t stop seeing the world together there! We also travelled to Cisco’s ‘hometown’ – San Francisco, California with two other colleagues in the summer of 2019. As fans of unconventional places, we had to visit the museum of ice cream, where everything was pink, we could ride unicorns, bath in a pool full of sprinkles, and (of course) ate way too much ice cream.  I am so grateful that I have found like minded people at Cisco. We really, really like ice cream here! 

But I have also found people who dare to visit a Halloween labyrinth with me while dressed up as TV characters, who enjoy singing embarrassing songs at karaoke bars, and who are willing to join me in a horror escape room. You would not believe how loud scared people can be, but we made it through – together!

I look forward to many more adventures with my friends, inside and outside work. I feel lucky that at Cisco I am surrounded by people that are not only the best at what they do and the goals we are working towards – but that they are people I truly enjoy spending time with.  

After all, it’s great people who make a great place to work! 

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Silke Meyer

Associate Account Manager