Which Cisco site is where you can find employees watching soccer on the huge media walls, watch technology make you the perfect cup of coffee, and has some of the best people around (at least I think so.) That would be the Cisco office in Munich, Germany! Come on a blog tour with me.

Here are some facts about our office. It was inaugurated in February of 2017, and it’s one of the most modern offices worldwide! There are about 300 Cisco employees working here in what is the German headquarters. It’s perfectly connected to the city and the motorway, and close to lots of shops and restaurants and has plenty of parking places around.

Where do I start?

First, you enter through Parkring20 on the 4th floor. That’s where the main entrance and reception desk are. Plus, it’s where you’ll find the customer experience zone. It’s a short walk to the employee-only areas.

Insider tip: If you are late (or in a hurry) you can also enter the office through building 22, it’s like a back door into the employee-area on the 4th floor. 1. If you should have any questions or need help, our lovely ladies at the reception desk (customer experience zone, 4th floor) will be there for you.

Munich reception

What should I wear?

Unless we have customer meetings, jeans/business casual is the office attire.

I can’t function without coffee. Where is the coffee?

We have arguably the coolest (and best) coffee in our office. Use one of the digital coffee machines in one of the three kitchens. Select your coffee/milk ratio right down to the last gram using the iPads or by an App and then have fun watching how your perfectly invidualized coffee freshly grinds, brews and serves it up in your mug. Pick your favorite – all of them are good, but I prefer the classic “Latte Macchiato.”

Coffee Machine

Where’s the coolest place to set up my computer and do some work?

I think choosing a seat at the window in the “interact” zone is pretty cool. From there you’ll have a lovely view over the lake, and when the days are shorter, you can watch a stunning sunset. (Or if you’re working late.)

If you want more nature, and are visiting and want to feel like you’re really a part of Bavarian culture, you can have a relaxing meeing in the “Nymphenburg” conference room. It’s furnished with beautiful seats made of tree trunks and a wall of woods – it’s like you’re really out in our countryside.

Conference Room

What’s the “office secret?’

That depends!

  • In summer, you should definitely choose that coffee I mentioned and enjoy it on the 5th floor’s rooftop terrace, featuring a Hollywood swing.
  • For some stress relief, you can come to the internal cafeteria for Flipper and Kicker (which translates to pinball and foosball for the Americans.)
  • One of the most fun times to visit is during a soccer match. Germans are crazy about soccer. Get swept away with us as we watch on the big screens! The office is quite near the famous illuminated “Allianz Arena” – which is the soccer stadium of FC Bayern München. Again, we love soccer. Did I mention we love it?

 Soccer watching

Okay, now I’ve worked up an apetite. Where shall we have lunch?

The closest lunch spot is the one in the canteen “Freiraum” opposite the office, about a two-minute walk. There are special rates for Cisco employees, and the food is high quality and tasty. The daily menues are in different areas, Asian, Italian, Grill, Pasta and Vegitarian. You can combine anything with a salad or desert (or both!) The best time to go, I’ve found, is after 12:30 or 1:00 p.m. to avoid the crowds. Most employees eat here.

Or, if you’d like, there is an in-store café in the Edeka supermarket right next to the office, about a three -minute walk. There are two menus for lunch every day. It’s small, so not great to sit and eat, but if you want to eat when the canteen is crowded, the food is good.

After, we can stop in a small bakery on the other side of the lake. It’s opposite of the office and also a five-minute walk. You can get sandwiches, snacks, drinks and pastries here.

If you’re looking for lunch companions, Fridays are hard, because thanks to Cisco technology, we can work from anywhere, and that’s the day when the office is least populated.


Now I may need to work off my lunch. Is there a gym?

Not yet, but there will be a gym by end of 2017 called “Fitcompany.” They tell us that it will be an extraordinary and very modern gym concept that is different to everything we might have seen before. We’ll see, I am curious! 😉


If I’m visiting or interviewing from another location, where should I stay?

There are a lot of hotels within walking distance but personally I would prefer either the Motel One or the Ibis Hotel. They have nice and modern hotel rooms and a normal breakfast (not these extraordinary and huge brunch buffets for 35 EUR p.p. which no one can ever eat.)


If I have a bit of extra time, what tourist stops should I not miss?

Definitely the Allianz Arena, as it’s just one station with the subway away. It’s impressive and I am sure you will love the illuminations, plus, there’s soccer (we love that, did I mention?)

If you have a little more time, take the same subway and drive to the city centre (Marienplatz) and enjoy a walk through the pedestrian zone.

If you are lucky enough to visit Munich in the end of September/beginning of October timeframe you might want to visit the famous Oktoberfest. Feel the very special Bavarian spirit on world’s largest festival with a lots of beer, rides, nice people and fun sound. It’s worth an experience!

Of course, any time that you visit, be sure to stop by and say hello to me. I hope to see you in our Cisco Munich office soon!


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Corinna Darmoro

Marketing Communications Manager Germany

Field Marketing - Germany