Welcome to my Cisco office, the one in Shanghai! You’re going to want to visit for more than a day – as many as you can make time for! Whether you’re here for an interview, for meetings, or to innovate with your China colleagues, here’s what you’ll expect when you get here.

What should I wear?

We call it “engineer style” around here. It’s casual, but keep it clean and nice. Show off your style! If it’s a first impression, perhaps err on the side of more formal but not too formal.

What’s special about Shanghai?

If you are a foodie, you will love visiting us. You could eat six meals a day, have a different cuisine for every meal, and probably not repeat a food style for months. Cisconians like to eat, and that doesn’t change from site to site.

Shanghai office
A little office fun.


Point me to the coffee!

Spot the coffee cup!

A good day starts with a cup of coffee. We have professional coffee machine in the pantry room on each level. You can feel free to make your favorite coffee at any time.

Where do employees eat?

Most employees eat lunch in what we call “canteens.” These canteens are in different tech parks nearby. We like to explore all the options, too. Tasting all the options is a normal activity.

Most of the restaurants and cafeterias are really close, 1-2KM around the office. Which will give you a chance to make room for more calories by walking.

What’s the one spot I shouldn’t miss?

Stop in on every floor and go to the pantry. There’s a massage chair in each one! It’s our best “secret” that’s not really a “secret.” Or, play a little pool with us.

Pool table

Where should I stay during my visit?

Most employees that visit stay in Renaissance, which is the nicest hotel that’s closest to the office. But if you’re willing to be further away, the choice is limitless.

Is there a gym nearby?

The Union offers a lot of sports clubs, GYM, swimming, yoga, badminton, etc. The nearest GYM is 2 metro stops from office, our employees like to take noon-time to enjoy themselves and then come back to work refreshed.

Okay, you’ve convinced me to stay extra time. What should I do?

In Shanghai, I definitely recommend a city tour for as many days as you can have.

We have second tallest tower in the world – Shanghai Tower – and the ancient Shanghai YU Garden. The views from both are amazing!

Also, as mentioned, don’t forget to eat. A lot.

I hope you’ll seek me out when you visit so I can say hello! See you soon!

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Sarah Shen

ASEAN Recruiter