The “Night of Arts” in Moscow was to be remembered as a once-in-a-lifetime event. For the first time in history, a 100-laptop orchestra would provide a concert with songs that would stretch the sole definition of music. But in the days leading up to the event, the tech partner who had been on from the very beginning crashed under the complexity of the project fearing that the risk of failure was just too high!

Imagine being left without the most crucial element of your event. What could the desperate organizers do in such situation – should the team cancel a long-planned concert? No! Instead, they contacted the only company that could help in such a difficult task in such a short time – Cisco!

The idea from its inception was to organize 100 different musicians who created music individually through their laptops with special software and bring them together in harmony as one singular orchestra. With enough time, of course, anything is almost possible. But this was a complex task, and we knew it would be one of the hardest feats to achieve – especially considering that just a few days prior we didn’t know anything about this project.

With a deadline fast approaching, we confidently got to work. These are the moments where we demonstrate the power of our teams and our technology here at Cisco. This is where we see why Cisco is unrivaled in setting the direction for the development of entire industries.

With just 48 hours until this big event took place…we were on the case!

We not only navigated this quick turn around, but also did so during a public holiday here in Russia. A team of dedicated Cisco employees and partners set out to find all the necessary equipment, worked through complex logistics, and – finally – built a network for this concert.

The event was saved, and it was such a unique way to intertwine technology and art.

I could see that this project reaffirmed my team’s full confidence – that not only were Cisco competences and state-of-the-art technologies for businesses around the globe, but for any purpose you can imagine! Yes, even the high arts.

As a result, we not only connected the unconnected during this event, but we chartered a meaningful solution for the musicians and took bold risks. We also showcased our best-in-class collaboration within the company to create shared success that truly benefited everyone.

Because of this experience, we were reminded of the incredible talent here at Cisco Russia, and how we’re able to implement highly sophisticated projects in a limited time. We built even stronger relationships with partners in this time and improved our collaboration within the team as well.

Our team felt so proud to be a part of this event, to help them succeed, and to highlight how powerful Cisco technology is. It was an experience unlike any other – one that is completely unmatched – and the result left us excited for the next opportunity to “save the day”.

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Dmitry Leskov

Head of PR and Communications, Russia & CIS

EMEAR Operations Russia