What’s the next step after graduation? For most of us, it’s time to find a job!  Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I saw a company like Cisco was hiring fresh graduates! I knew immediately a great opportunity had come my way.

Without wasting any time, I got to work preparing my resume and dreaming of what the future might hold – and I made it in! After I accepted my offer, I was told I would start with 10-15 new hires. This was such a relief! I loved the reassurance that there would be other new hires along on this journey with me.

When my first day arrived; I reached the office, excited and a bit nervous. I finally got to meet the other new hires, and found out that we were all fast friends! We spent much of that first day trying to digest the fact that we were now officially Cisconians.

I have to say, the people here at Cisco surpassed all my expectations of what I thought my first job would be like. You could tell everyone had an excited energy about being here. Our manager even gave us one whole week to focus on getting to know each other as well as the campus, which I thought was very kind. Once the technical formalities were out of the way – we couldn’t wait to explore the beautiful Cisco campus here in Bangalore.

It has been a dream of mine to work at a place that would encourage me to have a balance between my work life and my personal life. That first walk around the campus made it clear that Cisco wants the same for all of their employees. The campus is full of places where we can play, exercise or just hang out to brainstorm creative solutions.

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Our group had one common thought throughout the day as we explored, and that how much we wanted to share this experience – our very first day at Cisco – with our friends and family. We all agreed that time and time again we had heard people in our lives complain about where they worked or the work they did – we wanted to show them that it was possibly to truly #LoveWhereYouWork.

From that moment on, the hunt for the most picturesque place on campus began. What we thought might take just a few hours – became a miniature photo shoot of sorts as ideas kept pouring in from our group and hundreds of photos were shot that day. We captured enough memories to last us a lifetime – on just day one of life at Cisco!

It has now been one month since we started at Cisco, and we have even more reason to appreciate and love where we work. Knowing that people here want us to grow and be better every day, gives us a reason to get up every morning and make that happen. As we are close to completing all our training now, we can’t wait to get to work and watch as our careers flourish.

If you’re looking for a new career or a career change – I would highly suggest joining us here at Cisco! Here are some reasons from the perspective of a new employee as to why Cisco is the place to be:

  • World class training and guidance to get you started.
  • Exciting workplace, full of inspiration and zealous people.
  • Challenging work to keep you hooked. Every day is different!
  • Lots of places to relax, play, and rejuvenate.

So what are you waiting for? Come #LoveWhereYouWork with the best teams around!



Shivam Kumar

Technical Support Engineer

Technical Assitance Center (TAC)