Ahmet in front of water in his Cisco Lauft shirt When my best friends asked me why I decided to join Cisco (although I had different opportunities with other great tech companies) my answer surprised them at the time. However, they’ve since come back to me and said, “We get it now – we understand why you chose Cisco.”

Every one of us makes decisions for our future, both personally and professionally. Sometimes, we think success looks like having a plan, one that is maybe one year out – or five – or ten. We think that comes with a title, a promotion, better pay or benefits – and we work towards that goal. But what about the years in between those goals? What if we are so focused on our future, that we forget to live in the here and now?

Before joining Cisco, I knew I wanted my next professional move to include a change that refocused what success means to me. After 20 years in sales and business development roles, there was a feeling in me that, maybe, there was more to success than what I had already achieved. I wanted to be happy in my role, not just when I reached a goal – but that the journey itself should be fun too.

I knew I wanted my next company to focus on inventing great products and technology with the purpose to help customers and communities improve their lives and make an impact by using these technologies for a better world. A company who understands that the value of their technology is the key differentiator and not their versions and features. A company which builds the bridge between the here and now and the digital age.

Would it be possible to find such a company?

I was inspired by the famous book “The Big Five for Life” by John Strelecky and got to work on creating my own definition of the “Big Five” pillars that this new company would be built on as I began my career search.

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1. Culture: This was the most important criteria for me. From individual contributor to executive leadership team, the company needs to build on or (if not there yet) transform towards an inclusive and conscious culture that drives for innovation, creativity, and yes, even for failure to allow for and encourage growth. I was looking for a company that would give me space for continuous learning and development – professionally and personally.

2. Inspiration: I knew I wanted to work with great people, who interacted and collaborated well together. I wanted to be inspired and learn from my colleagues and find role models in my leaders and executives. I wanted to find a company where each person is unique, but that they are celebrated for that uniqueness and where the team spirit enables us all to make the world a better place. These colleagues would be passionate about technology, and they’d love where they work.

3. Support: Giving back is something which comes deeply from my heart and should built into the DNA of the company. Day to day it should focus on the give and take. In good times and, even more so, in the difficult times – the company should take accountability and care for their employees, for their customers and communities. I wanted to find a company that is committed to diversity and equality for all.

4. Customer: The entire company, its innovative products, its valuable services and all organizations should build on customer centricity and success. And our success should be defined by the customers’ success and how we help them to achieve their goals. In every single touchpoint with the company and its employees, the customer should get the best Customer Experience in the technology industry.Ahmet at the Cisco Booth

5. Opportunity: With all above mentioned criteria, the company I wanted to work for should help customers and communities implement change and create new business opportunities by embracing the digital age. Whether its software or hardware, AI/Machine Learning, or all the other new technologies the company will invent, it should build the foundation for unlimited opportunities to master the digital transformation for a better world.

It’s quite a list, right? And you might think a company like this would be impossible to find – but, guess what? I found it! And that company is Cisco – where we make the impossible possible!

As a Customer Success Executive for our Utilities customers in Germany, I am their trusted advisor for the complete lifecycle journey of Cisco technology and services they invested in. My main goal is to speed up adaption and reduce time to value to achieve their business objectives by ensuring the best Customer Experience they could ever expect. I am loving every moment of this journey, and every day feels like a success – because I love where I work.

Choosing Cisco was an easy choice for me, and now I am so happy that my friends and family can see it too. They now understand that working for the #1 World’s Best Workplace isn’t just a great recognition – there is an actual dedication to culture and inclusion behind that award.

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