I moved to Ireland in February 2020 for new opportunities. Yep, one month before the world shutdown – I made a move and was looking for work. I was worried about the job market, but luckily had an interview with Cisco lined up.

When the day came for my interview, I was excited and hoping that Cisco was the new opportunity I had been searching for! The interview process was great, and all interviews were done within a week.

Usually interview processes are quite slow and the job description may not always be what you expect. This was not the case with Cisco! I won’t say that it was easy, but it was not hard either. Straightforward and to the point, my experience was really good.

Apurv posing in front of lake.

My recruiter kept me informed about the process – like when I could expect a result – and one month later, I received an offer. I was going to be a Cisconian – a Software Engineer on our Webex team!

After I received the offer, my manager was in touch with me to get me onboarded and help me with my first day at Cisco. I got all the necessary equipment, like my laptop and screens, easily shipped to me. I stayed in Letterkenny, Ireland (about 200 kms from the Cisco Galway office) and that is where my first day at Cisco started – complete with a virtual welcome from the team.

Thanks to Cisco technology and Webex – we can always collaborate from wherever we are. So, even when we are not face-to-face, it feels as if we are, and we can get work done in so many versatile ways.

Two weeks later we even had a virtual treasure hunt as part of a fun fund event – my team won second place, and while I was still new it was nice to get to know other members of the team. It is so wonderful that Cisco encourages us to take time for ourselves, but also to bond as a team outside of the work. It makes us a stronger team in the end!

The team and leadership always have my back and want me to succeed. From a collaboration point, all the people here are ready to help. When we collaborate, we all get a chance to have a voice and share our ideas during our meetings. Leaders especially want to ensure you are doing work that love you and that excites you. I have regular check ins with my leader where we discuss this.

I love the work I do, who I do it for, and the team I am on. The work is well organized and completely agile – and I don’t just have coding work, either! There are many Proof of Concepts (POC) that we do, and we can showcase those to our colleagues.

You may have heard that Cisco is the #1 World’s Best Workplace (two years in a row!) – and it really is the best place I have ever worked. I have been supported during my entire onboarding experience, and there was never a ‘stupid’ question once I joined the team.

Here’s to finding those new opportunities at Cisco!


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