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This post was authored by Yash Patel, a recent software engineering intern at AppDynamics.

As a software engineering intern, I wondered how much impact I could really make in just a few short months. But, I was presented with a rare opportunity to work on a meaningful project utilizing cutting-edge technologies that would create real value for the company and its customers. The opportunity to contribute to an impactful project and gain hands-on experience with new technologies made this summer an unforgettable experience.

During my time as a software engineer intern at AppDynamics, I worked on a project to improve customer experience by improving data visibility. It was an exciting opportunity that allowed me to learn how AppDynamics approaches product development while developing new skills to expose valuable data to customers.

The team leveraged the power of Java Spring Boot, Kubernetes, and Helm to build a robust and scalable infrastructure. It was incredible learning as I got hands-on experience with these cutting-edge technologies. Of course, no project is without its challenges. Along the way, we encountered hurdles that tested our problem-solving skills and required us to think creatively. The complexities of the project demanded meticulous attention to detail. However, the challenges provided valuable learning opportunities and pushed me to explore innovative solutions.

Let me tell you, being a part of this project was a feeling like no other. As an intern, you sometimes wonder what impact you will have during your internship. But here I was, actively contributing to something where my efforts translated into real solutions for the customer and contributed to the growth and success of the organization. The sense of pride, fulfillment, and purpose it gave me was truly remarkable. It made me realize the immense power of software engineering in solving real-world problems and making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Yash with his Cisco team. Throughout my journey at AppDynamics, I had the privilege of working alongside a supportive and talented team. On my first day, the Employee Engagement Leader and ERG Global Lead for the Connected Asian Affinity Network (CAAN) spoke about Cisco’s culture, and it turned out to be even better than he said. The inclusive and supportive environment fostered collaboration and growth, allowing me to thrive both personally and professionally. My mentor, Zachary, and my manager, Kevin, played vital roles in guiding me and providing valuable insights. Their expertise and encouragement helped me navigate the project’s complexities and grow more than I even imagined possible.

My summer internship at AppDynamics was an extraordinary experience that defied typical expectations. Being able to work on a project that will create real value for customers and seeing its potential was beyond rewarding. The supportive culture, guidance from mentors, and the chance to make a genuine impact in the company made it an unforgettable journey. To all interns and aspiring software engineers, believe in the power of your work, seek out meaningful projects, and embrace the opportunities that come your way. Your contributions can make a lasting difference, just as mine did at AppDynamics and Cisco.

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