For the last two years, this office has finished as the second best place to work in the region. It’s a hugely diverse location with Cisco employees from around the world of all nationalities (even me! I’m British!) Which Cisco site am I talking about? It’s Cisco Singapore, and it’s where I hang my hat each day!

Whether you are paying us a visit, stopping by for an interview or getting ready to come in as a new employee, here’s everything you need to know about the Cisco office I love.

Singapore New offices new TPs
Some of my colleagues on the telepresence screens in the offices.

What to wear.

As I mentioned, The Singapore office has an extremely diverse group of nationalities and this is reflected in the clothes we wear. The office is generally smart-casual but you’ll often find us wearing brightly colored clothes for annual festivities or rocking our Cisco T-shirts. (We love Cisco t-shirts.)

Getting around.

Once you arrive, you have to know your way around. No problem here! To navigate easily check out the maps outside our lift/stairs; each one is like a metro-line map and each room/Telepresence room is named after a Singapore Station.

Coffee gets us going!

If you’re starting your morning, we have the best coffee (in my opinion.) In every work area there are coffee machines, with plenty of choices to make your perfect latte, espresso or cappuccino.

Singapore Loves Coffee
High tech coffee!

Working together.

One of my personal favorite spots is on Level 6, where we have these brightly colored “pod” that are perfect for collaborating with your team, or just bumping into other colleagues to share ideas and inspiration.

Singapore Coloured Pods L6
Have a seat! I love these “pod” areas.

Fueling up.

Sometimes employees here bring their lunch, because you can sit with fellow Cisconians at the E-Cafes on every level, or take it outside on the balconies to enjoy the Singapore sunshine. If you want an excuse for local cuisine, there’s 100 places (I mean that!) within a short walk of the office.

Singapore has a brilliantly diverse mix of cuisines, and our office sits right in the middle of all of them. You can try food from North and South India, or Filipino, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. You are really spoiled for choice here, and it’s hard to resist getting lunch out. I highly recommend the nearby Vietnamese restaurant called Wrap and Roll – I always get the Pho Chicken Noodle Soup.

Singapore L6 Balcony
A favorite “bring-your-lunch” spot to eat.

Working it off.

Okay, after you eat your fill at lunch, you might want to consider a way to get moving later in the day. Singapore’s office has lots of options for you. I suggest you join our football team (that’s soccer for our friends in the US.) There’s also a run club, a dance club; lots of ways to keep fit. If you’re looking for a gym, there’s a popular one in the opposite tower to our building that has classes for the early risers and classes during the day.

Take in the city

If you want to play tourist, or just enjoy your own city a bit if you live in Singapore, I think you should visit the rooftop bar and restaurant at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. It’s a must for first timers and any-timers. It has some of the best views of the brilliant Singapore skyline you’ll get.

Get some zzzzzz’s

There are so many options in Singapore to stay in great hotels. You can choose to stay just 20 meters away from the office in the Park Avenue Changi or if you want to be in the heart of the city you can stay at the very popular Mandarin Oriental.

Okay, who wants to come visit us now? Look me up when you’re here and say hi!

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Natalie Gray

Manager, Talent Acquisition