A Cross Pen with the Cisco logo — it’s my 1st anniversary gift. I just received it and did the official unwrapping.

Sure, it’s not very expensive, but it comes with whole-hearted, warm greetings from Cisco, delivered across the Pacific Ocean to me here in Shanghai, China, with my 1st Service Year Certificate and Greetings Letter from my boss, Natalie. 🙂

The Years of Service Anniversary Program is one of the Global Benefits programs at Cisco. It’s how they  say thanks to employees for their hard work, dedication, and for being a part of the Cisco family. It recognizes their contributions made to the company growth, innovation and culture.

Employees can select what they love from the Gift Library when the anniversary approaches. When I chose the pen, I saw the gifts awarded for the 30 years, 35 years and even 45 years!

I’m looking forward to the future gift on my 5th Anniversary!

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Sarah Shen

ASEAN Recruiter