In just a couple of days, Americans will be sitting down with their friends and families over a meal (where the main feature of the feast is a turkey) to give thanks for each other, for the moments we’ve shared, and for the festivities to come as we ramp up the holiday season.

And while it’s true that Thanksgiving during this time of year is often thought of as an American holiday – did you know that nine other countries have similar festivities that celebrate the autumn harvest or are a celebration of gratitude?

Of course, we love our global community and think every day is a good day to give thanks – Here are just seven blog posts from this past year that showcase why Cisconians are thankful to work at Cisco:

1.We get to work on cool tech! – There isn’t a day that goes by where you know we Cisconians aren’t geeking out about our technology and the incredible things we get to work on. From engineers to marketers, Cisco employees love celebrating the amazing things we’re doing to change the way the world lives, works, plays, and learns.

Read: How was Your Day? The Network Intuitive Comes to Life by  Shivangi Sharma who shares her experience with working on The Network Intuitive.

2. Be You, With Us! – No matter what color your hair is – Purple? Pink? Cool! – to employees who showcase their personalities through tattoos, their favorite high heels, or hobbies that fuel their passions – we love that we get to be ourselves at work and are encouraged to bring who we are and what we love to the office. Every day we’re insanely thankful that who we are outside of the workplace is celebrated in the workplace as well.

Read: Be You, Ink and All by Casie Shimansky who shares the stories of three Cisconians who’s tattoos have been embraced here at Cisco.

3. Family – You often hear that Cisco employees feel more like family to each other, and perhaps that helps us to step up when a teammate needs a helping hand. If there’s one thing we understand it’s that your family always comes first and from good moments to the unexpected, Cisconians have each other’s back. We love celebrating with each other, and supporting one another when life gets tricky.

Read: Cisco Daycare Brings Calm to a Panicked First Time Mom by Tara Fortier who shares her story of how her management (and the Cisco Daycare) stepped in when her son’s nanny become unexpectedly sick.

4. Friendships – It’s more the just Monday through Friday to us. Cisco employees love spending quality time outside the office together, and really enjoy collaborating and growing together. Whether it begins by being paired together during an event at work, or a simple “hello” lifelong friendships are built here.

Read: When Strangers Become Friends and Make an Impact Together by Lori Paschall who shares her story with the friends she made during the HackIT event.

5. Diversity – We grow and thrive through our differences, and Cisconians are constantly thankful that we have such a deep dedication to diversity throughout our global campuses. From cultural events that enable us to learn about each other and come together – like the Diwalloween celebration in Austin where they blend Diwali and Halloween – to our incredible women in tech diversity is always at the forefront of who we are as Cisconians.

Read: I. Am. A. Woman. In. Tech. by Tammy Nguyen

6. Moments That Matter – Moments that Matter to Cisco employees are the critical touch points between the employee and Cisco that leave an imprint – from your first day, the moments that enable you to make a difference, and even transitioning out of the company. These are the moments that have the greatest effect on you. They’re the moments that leave us thankful throughout the year that Cisco is a great place to work!

Read: My Cisco Moments That Matter by Oseas Ramirez Assad as he shares the moments that matter to him throughout his Cisco career and how they’ve matched up to the moments in his life – from getting married to having children – that mattered most.

7. Culture – From getting our birthdays off, to celebrating big wins, being all in, and giving back – Cisco’s culture speaks volumes to how we show up each and every day and why we truly #LoveWhereYouWork. Did you know that Cisco gives employees FIVE DAYS to give back to organizations of their choosing? Or that we have Emergency PTO – for when life happens and you just need to take care of it? These days don’t affect your other PTO days either! We also have Employee Resource Organizations (EROs) that enable our employees to connect with each other to explore their interests and grow their networks.

Read: Cisco Culture in Four Hashtags by Neil Heller as he shares his favorite aspects of Cisco’s culture in four hashtags.

There are many reasons to be thankful, not just in this season, but every day. Why are you thankful to be a Cisco employee?

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Casie Shimansky

Content Strategist | Provider of Pixie Dust

Employee Storytelling