The fifth annual #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork contest has officially come to a close, and Cisco employees have done it again! You have brought us into your homes, taken us on adventures, and shown that when you #LoveWhereYouWork – anything is possible!

During the contest’s six weeks this year, employees submitted 4,000 photos that showcased why they love working at Cisco. For each photo, $2 was given to Global Citizen, and we have nearly 50 stories that will be shared on the Life at Cisco blog throughout the year (as well as on the @WeAreCisco social accounts!)

Every year the core team and the judges have one of the most difficult challenges in selecting the winners from the amazing entries that we get. It’s not a bad problem to have, and this year was no different. So, as you see this year’s winning entries know that we consider you ALL winners and have loved seeing every moment that matters to you throughout the contest.

Now, a drumroll please! Here are your 2020 #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork Contest Winners!

Cisco Pride Around the Globe

In the spirit of showcasing our global communities, this category highlighted our favorite offices, employees’ favorite “work from anywhere” setups, or their favorite Cisco logo.

Winner: Dhruv Patel – Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery | Bangalore, India

Runner Up: Uana Li – Regional Services Expert | Dalian, China

Higher, Faster, Stronger

Of course, at Cisco we love our technology – so, this category showed our employees favorite tech, how it makes our jobs easier, and how it propels us to succeed. (We’re lookin’ at you, Cisco Webex!)

Winner: Matt Ingram – Marketing Manager | Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Runner Up: Jorge Solis Arellano – Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery | Mexico City

Gold-Medal Teams

At Cisco, we believe in individual greatness – but nothing drives that more than our incredible teams and how much stronger we are together. This category highlighted the very best of our teams across the globe, and how they work together to achieve success.

Winner: Beatriz Araiza – Manager, Customer Delivery – Mexico City

Runner Up: Ivana Devi – Partner Account Manager, Sales | Indonesia

Cisco Kids

Some of our favorite Cisconians are our littlest Cisconians! How do our employees include Cisco in their families? These images showed us what that looks like. Ready, set, awwww!

Winner: Eliel Garcia Leyva – Technical Consulting Engineer, Customer Deliver | Mexico


Runner Up: Brandy Coward – Recruiter, Talent Acquisition | Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Cisco Pets

Aren’t fur kids like real kids, but fuzzier? Cisconians love bringing them to work, dressing them in Cisco gear and showing them off on Webex.

Winner: Carmen Rios Arreguin – Customer Delivery Manager, Customer Experience | Mexico

Runner Up: Anjie Schell – Business Analyst | San Jose, California, United States

Best Photography 

Oh. Snap! If it ain’t bokeh, don’t fix it. What the crop? If you can’t “shutter up” about a beautiful image, and all this lingo just “clicks” with you – you’re a photographer. For this category, employees showcased their photographic talents in showing us how good they are with aperture, shutter speed, composition, subject matter, playing with light, drones, lens balls all in the name of highlighting why they love where they work.

Winner: Daniel Rivera Garcia – Technical Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery | Mexico City, Mexico


Runner Up: Alberto Guerrero Ramirez – Consulting Engineer, Customer Experience | Mexico

Giving Back is in our DNA

This is one of the top reasons we love working here – we can impact the world through our work and through our volunteer time. Employees showed us how they love giving back, from the smallest way to the biggest way – and where their passions lie in helping to make the world a better place.

Winner: Charles Eckel – Technical Leader, Engineering | San Jose, California, United States

Runner Up: Peter Schavone – Renewals Manager, Customer Experience | Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Bring Your Whole Self To Work

We don’t live two separate lives between our ‘work life’ and ‘home life.’ We don’t hide our tattoos or care if we have pink hair. We have ERO (Employee Resource Organization) pride and we wear our nerd-doms on our sleeves (and our shirts.) Employees showed us how they can be themselves at work for this category!

Winner: Yana Lipen – Global Onboarding Lead | Krakow, Poland

Runner Up: Namita Jakhar – Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery | Bangalore, India


There are lots of reasons we love it here – you can’t put us in a box – and this category helped to catch every other reason not mentioned here. As always, our employees surprised us with a unique look at their #LoveWhereYouWork moments.

Winner: Erin Johnson – Representative, People and Communities | San Jose, California, United States


Runner Up: Eleanor Zulu – Marketing Manager | South Africa

Employee Choice

NEW THIS YEAR. We took the third-place finalist in each category (since the first two win a prize) and let our employees choose an employee choice winner! The judges have the hardest job each year, and wanted to share the experience with you so you’ll know how talented we all are!

Winner: Javier Garza Garcia – Network Engineer | Mexico

Grand Prize Winner

Eric Garcia Guzman – Technical Consulting Engineer, Customer Delivery | Mexico City, Mexico

Every year, there’s a photo that just stops us in our tracks and this year that image belongs to Eric from our team in Mexico. At full lightspeed, Eric knows that Cisco is the bridge to possible!

Ready to tell the world why you #LoveWhereYouWork?

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Casie Shimansky

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