Cisco Intern GabbyIf you grew up loving High School Musical like me, then get ready to have some of it’s most iconic (and catchy) songs stuck in your head all day. For those who have not seen this movie-musical masterpiece, let me provide some context for you.

High School Musical is a teen movie in the form of a musical, with songs woven throughout the (wonderful) hour and a half. I have watched it at least 100 times, listened to the soundtrack thousands, and know every single song. By heart. Really.

Who knew that one day I’d take the lessons that I learned from this incredible coming-of-age story and apply them professionally? Three of my favorite songs, “We’re All in This Together,” “Stick to the Status Quo,” and “Breaking Free,” have really spoken to me during my internship time here at Cisco in the Marketing and Communications group.

Let me explain.

1.) We’re all in this together.” It’s true!

There is nothing better than walking into a room of friendly, intelligent, and highly ambitious interns on your first day of orientation. There is also nothing more intimidating than walking into a room of friendly, intelligent, and highly ambitious interns (who may be competing for the same job that you are hoping to secure throughout the summer.)

However, Cisco immediately provided a collaborative, open, and inviting environment to begin our journeys into our summer and our careers. From training questions to helping each other edit project planning drafts to intern socials, we are quite literally “All In This Together.”

We're all in this together
2.) Stick to the Status Quo” (Or Don’t)

Many companies say that they encourage individualism and bringing your own skills to the table, but although many “talk the talk” not many “walk the walk.” When I walked into my first day on the job, it was clear that each and every person is allowed to truly be themselves at work.

The thought of cubicles sounds a little bit draining to me; there is no creativity that can come out of staring at a grey desk with grey dividers and a grey wall behind it. However, employees are not only allowed to decorate their space but are encouraged to let their personalities shine through. Everything from flashing LED lights to beach-themed banners to travel treasures decorate the desks of the enthusiastic and individualistic creative minds of my colleagues.

If that isn’t enough, you can always go down to the massage chairs, cabana beach room, or take a fitness class to steer clear of a creative brain block.

3.) Breaking free” from traditional office norms

Hawaiian shirt Fridays. Create your own schedule. Smoothie bars, fitness classes, and creativity cubes. Need I say more? Cisco clearly is not your typical “corporate office.”

I have been “Breaking Free” from any stereotypes that I had about working a corporate job since walking through the doors of Cisco. This has been the most inviting, flexible, and exciting place to be and I cannot wait to continue to experience all that Cisco has to offer. There truly has never been a better time to join the journey, and never been a better place to begin a career.

All I can say is that I’m incredibly excited for this “Start of Something New.” (I had to get one more song in there. I couldn’t help it.)

Breaking Free


Do you want to sing the songs of your people at Cisco? Join us! See open opportunities here.


Gabby Giordano

CMC Intern

Integrated Marketing & Communications, Latin America