1700 Interns. 30+ countries. 85+ offices. Interns are a big part of what makes Cisco tick!

I am a Program Manager for The Global Intern Program. We organize events, learning opportunities and more to enhance the intern experience at Cisco.

Cisco is currently asking employees to tell us why they #LoveWhereYouWork. But I wanted to make sure that interns around the world made their voice heard, too!

Here are 12 reasons that our interns #LoveWhereYouWork.

Fränze Winski, Berlin, Germany


“The amazing work we´re doing together as a highly diverse team (openBerlin team: you rock!!), the absolute support in career and in personal life as well as the huge opportunities to develop my skills and building up my knowledge.”


Rakshitha Ram, Bangalore, India


“I can’t deny the amazing feeling of having super high speed internet all the time for the first time since I began to work. Goodies, off sites, team lunches and dinners with awesome people was the best part of it all.”


Gisela Alfaro, Guadalajara, Mexico


“Having the opportunity to be part of such a big industry in one of the best companies of the world.”


David Gefen, Jerusalem, Israel


“I love that with Cisco I am able to be a part of a powerful global community.”


Karol Dziegiel, Krakow, Poland


“PEOPLE. I am peopleholic. People in my Office, people that have visited us, people that I have visited, people that I have cooperated with via TelePresence. And coffee. And pizzas. And parties.”


Seonah Han, Ottawa, ON, Canada


“There are many things I enjoyed as an intern but it’s the learning environment I appreciate the most. I learned so much from my mentor and other engineers in the team. I owe them for all the knowledge I gained during the internship.”


Muath Alghamdi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


“Being part of the family that changed – and will keep changing – people’s life!”


Michelle Howard, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


“It’s the people. We have a true “team” culture where we pursue continuous success while sharing many laughs along the way. In my short time with Cisco, I have met countless incredible leaders and individuals, strengthening my belief that Cisco is where I want to be.”


Justin Etzine, San Jose, California, USA


“We get to contribute to the latest Cisco developments, including the Internet of Everything, data science, etc., even as interns. Also, a concert in Levi Stadium with all the San Jose employees was fun, too!”


Yu Dao Yan (Dean), Shanghai, China


“Enjoying the fitness and sports club with other interns.”


Stephanie Souvleris, St. Leonards, Australia


“The support and training you are provided, along with being able to experiment and test on the newest technologies available in the market. This internship gives us responsibility and a purpose, giving us an insight into corporate life, and the skills to communicate and collaborate with different types of people from all around the world!”


Rafael Brabec, Zurich, Switzerland


“The Cisco people and culture are not only open and honest, but the team also cares about you and you feel a part of it immediately.”


Want to #LoveWhereYouWork too? Join us! We’re looking for interns!





Madison Embry

UKI P&C Country Consultant

EMEAR People & Communities