Cisco Intelligent Automation

January 13, 2013


Journey to “Self-Healing” Enterprise Networks continued…

2 min read

Last month in my blog Journey to “Self-Healing” Enterprise Networks, we discussed reasons why IT process automation solutions for network domain has not fulfilled its promise. Today we will first reason of the two – “Need for out-of-the-box workflow templates for rapid development of network operation process automation for quick-wins”. In today’s high performance distributed […]

December 18, 2012


Journey to “Self-Healing” Enterprise Networks

1 min read

Within IT & Network Process Operations community, automation started with the big hype and promise for “self-healing” solutions for systems, network, and process automation.  Remember the promise of “Robotics”!? Wouldn’t it be great to have our servers, systems, and networks solve their own problems? Leading to more stable systems and networks in which system administrators […]