Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

September 30, 2016


Cisco and Romanian Airport Flying High with Modern Network

A wireless network with zero downtime? For a network made up ancient LAN switches, a few isolated access points and a single gigabit Ethernet uplink, that’s a lofty goal. Now imagine that this network is in an airport. Forget lofty goal, you’re talking Mission: Impossible. But for Romania’s National Company Bucharest Airports (CNAB), the reality […]

September 8, 2016


Spanish University Takes a Big Leap into the Future with Cisco

Spain’s University of León was slowly starting to fall behind the country’s other universities. The reason? An outdated wireless network was making it tough for communication and idea sharing. Both the teachers and the students were equally frustrated by the speed of the network and consequently it wasn’t being used much anymore. This is not […]

June 29, 2016


Digitization and Cisco Spins Whirlpool’s Network

One of the best things about the Cisco initiative of “There’s Never Been a Better Time” is the way that businesses—and our world as a whole—are transforming for the better. With digitization, simple tasks that used to take a half hour are cut to just minutes. Allowing employees to work from home—and establish a better […]

October 7, 2015


Cisco Tackles Australian Rugby League Networking Problems

Ask anyone who’s witnessed a match; rugby is one of the toughest sports in the world. But, as the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia recently found out: running a rugby league without a robust wireless network infrastructure can be even tougher. Recently the NRL, which is the top rugby league in Australia and New Zealand, […]