A little less than a year ago, Cox took the wraps off a beauty of a next-new version of personalized television, branded “Contour.” It’s a continuation of its service extensions earlier this year into screens “beyond the TV,” such as iPads, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Until Contour, the app was called “Cox TV Connect,” and offered a hundred or so linear channels. With the additions that shaped it into “Contour,” Cox customers get that plus a whole lot more.

More means tuning into live and linear TV, plus access to free and premium VOD — with recommendations, for those times when nobody can decide. Plus anything you’ve “DVR’d.” And, if there are lots of people in your household, your programs stay with you. Recommendations, too, are just for you.

Here’s a quick video with the perennially affable Steve Necessary, VP of Video Product and Development at Cox. The big news, of course, is the million Contour set-top milestone.


But there’s more within, about how far Contour is lifting overall channel viewing (33 percent in a year) and how many six-channel DVRs are in market.

Take a look and congratulations to our friends at Cox! Keep going!


Jim Brady

No Longer with Cisco