If you are a mobile network service provider, you’re probably facing an uphill battle when competing for business customers. When everyone offers the same mobile devices, services, and coverage, how do you win customers? Usually, it comes down to lower price.

But a lower price typically means lower profits, because of escalating customer care costs due to slow, manual processes for mobility management.

According to a recent Report by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Cisco, in Sept. 2017

Over 50% of mobile service changes are made at the last minute, and take hours or days to complete.

Solving your business customer’s mobility challenges

What if you could offer more than a price break on telecom rates? What if you could deliver transformative value that lowers your business customer’s mobility management total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Manually managing a mobile workforce costs your customers about $1M a year per 1,000 devices, and two-thirds of that is spent on their internal asset and service management, according to a 2017 Forrester report. With cumbersome device deployment, time-consuming service changes, and frequent unexpected overages, their costs for manual mobility management are escalating rapidly.

Even with third-party support for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Mobility Management Services (MMS), their processes are still manual and reactive.

Your customer’s pain is, in fact, your opportunity.

Automating mobility management 

Both you and your customers need to increase operational efficiency. Automation is key – and it’s driving the future of enterprise mobility.

Automated Mobility Management (AMM) gives businesses unprecedented self-serve control to accelerate device deployment and daily management of mobile devices and services. AMM provides real-time visibility into employee mobile usage and the ability to create rules, such as automatically upgrading rate plans or adding a travel plan.

That’s powerful value. As a service provider, offering AMM capabilities gives you a unique competitive advantage to win new business and monetize existing customers.

Differentiating with AMM

Automated Mobility Management is a game changer, for both you and your customers. As a service provider, you can:

  • Increase subscriptions and retention – Stand out in a crowded market by enabling your customers to streamline operations and lower mobility TCO. AMM puts you on the fast track to grow your business and reduce churn.
  • Optimize costs – Giving customers self-serve controls and automation drives down your support costs and operating expenses.
  • Monetize – Offer certain capabilities like automated rate plan changes at a premium, increasing your ARPU.

Service providers in North America are already reaping significant benefits with Automated Mobility Management. In just one year, a leading Canadian telecom provider has exceeded their subscriber growth goals and dramatically reduced their support costs.

You can be next. Hear more about their success story and see Cisco’s AMM platform in action – contact us today.


Pallavi Vanacharla

Global Head of Product Marketing

Enterprise Mobility, Cisco IoT