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Carriers are continually challenged to deliver on the customer experience. One of the benefits of Cisco’s cBR-8 Evolved CCAP is the built-in telemetry, programmability, and DOCSIS 3.1 support of the platform. This makes it ideal for gigabit-speed access applications that demand both an automated and optimized cable access network.

With Software Defined Networking the cable operator can read information from the cable plant, make necessary decisions and then push an update back into the network. They can then decide on how conservative or how aggressive they want to be on adjusting the plant performance. Other tools such as a health check monitor that will validate performance, record a variety of statistics, and alert users when it sees something that is not a norm.
In addition, there are applications that enable management functions. Functions that today require human intervention can take place automatically – simplifying network operations and maximizing the customer experience.

Today, cable operators have an opportunity to completely redesign the network based on SDN principles; however, they require a path from today’s networking solutions to a more open programmable infrastructure. The Cisco cBR-8 establishes such a framework for the needed migration.

Watch this video and learn more about John Chapman’s (Cisco Fellow, CTO) outlook on SDN and the cable industry.

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