word-cloudToday, we are pleased to launch the VNI Service Awards. This rewards program runs from March 26 to May 10, 2013. The five top finalists will share USD $10,000 in cash prizes. The VNI Service Awards is complementary to our VNI Service Adoption research. This work forecasts global trends in how users are adopting 27 residential, business, and mobile services. It’s now time to tell your story. How are you using these networking services and devices in your daily life? If you’ve created a service, what impact has it had on your clients?

Get Involved and Share Your Story 

medical mobile appWe are looking for stories about how you have used network services such as mobile video and gaming, video conferencing, SMS, and social networking. Whether you own a business, manage a non-profit, or involved in community services, we want to hear from you. If you are a business who develops solutions, or an individual using these services your story can help educate and inspire others. We want to hear how your creativity and resourcefulness has been used to solve problems. These solutions can have immediate impact across a variety of markets such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and banking.

Visit http://vnistories.com to share your story, and get inspired by others. Answer four essay questions about how you have used these services or devices. You could be one of five winners sharing a total prize pool of $10,000. A panel of judges will select the top five entries based on qualities such as creativity, resourcefulness, impact and leadership.

Need some examples? Here are just a few innovative solutions:

  • Medic Mobile developed a unique SIM card technology to deliver SMS messages to over 8,000 remote health care workers
  • Virgin Media  deployed a Wi-Fi network to bring mobile broadband to passengers of the London Underground subway system
  • Verizon’s  recent Connected Athlete program showcases the power of Internet of Everything which can be extended to other markets beyond sports
  • Increased use of mobile gaming in the classroom has enormous potential to engage digital natives, and provide individualized curriculum
  • A computer lab in a Haiti community center provides off-hour services to help people find work, learn new skills while being a source of sustainable income

Why Participate?

By posting a story on how you’ve developed solutions, or used these services, you will be an inspiration to others.  We will also help promote your work through our social media channels. This will increase your visibility, and potentially generate more business. It will also increase conversations around the impact of Internet services and benefits of increased connectivity. We encourage you to comment, vote and share other posted stories. Each week we will post new videos to inspire and get you thinking about what’s possible.

Where is the Growth Coming From?

Big numbers are quick attention grabbers, and easy to quote, but what is the real impact? What does it mean to the local communities and businesses living it day by day? The VNI Service Awards program will attempt to connect the forecasts from the VNI Service Adoption research to the people actually using the services in their daily lives.

Your story submissions will provide proof points to help us answer questions such as:

  • How will growth in Internet access impact global economies?
  • How can more communities and businesses take advantage of the significant growth in mobile services?
  • What new opportunities can be created for those least connected?
  • Why are there regional variations in adoption rates of certain networking services?


Thomas Barnett, Jr.

Director, SP Thought Leadership

Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Group