Across the industry, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t see cloud services as a huge market opportunity. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, global cloud IP traffic will nearly quadruple over the next several years, accounting for more than three quarters of all data center traffic by 2018. But there’s been one major barrier to capitalizing on it: the complexity of cloud managed services.

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Now, Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform is making things a lot easier. Combining Cisco’s world-class hardware with Microsoft’s enterprise-ready software, it helps cloud providers build comprehensive hybrid cloud solutions faster, with the flexibility and scalability they need to respond to real-world opportunities. Major cloud providers around the world are already getting into the game, and seeing real results. Providers like Quest Technology Management .

Quest is a technology and managed services provider offering cloud and professional services from its more than two dozen data centers worldwide. They were seeing huge demand from their customers for cloud services that were easy to implement, but flexible enough to grow and continue to operate easily as they scaled.
Quest recognized the potential of the cloud early on, and has been working to make cloud services more flexible for customers. But historically, delivering those services on top of complex, do-it-yourself cloud solutions was a complex, expensive, and time-consuming proposition. Which meant that it was hard to deliver the diversity of cloud services customers needed as fast they wanted them.

Capturing the Opportunity

With Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform, Quest can offer a broad range of services on a pre-integrated platform to meet diverse needs fast. Whether a customer needs Microsoft Exchange server, SQL, SharePoint, or other critical business services, Quest can now deliver it right away, in a fully automated and self-service fashion.
Quest can draw on the combined strengths of Cisco’s comprehensive software-defined networking (SDN) cloud architecture and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack technologies for Windows Server, SQL Server, virtual machine hosting, and more. The platform combines hardware, software, and comprehensive lifecycle management from Microsoft and Cisco for a wide range of cloud services, in a pre-tested and validated solution. So Quest can meet customers wherever their needs are, at multiple touchpoints. And they can offer services that are simple to adopt, easy to manage, and deliver the performance that customers expect.

It helps that Quest is delivering all of these solutions working with the technology vendors they’ve partnered with for years. Using proven solutions like Microsoft System Center and Cisco UCS Manager, they can manage and deliver new cloud services extremely efficiently, even as they scale up. And because the platform integrates Microsoft and Cisco cloud technologies at the engineering level, Quest’s customers know that the services are reliable and stable.

The end result: Quest is taking what used to be a huge operational challenge and turning it into a major part of their business. They’re getting to market much faster, with a stronger, more flexible, and more scalable suite of cloud solutions.

See what Quest has to say themselves:

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John Malzahn

Senior Marketing Manager

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