Cisco Crosswork provides the holistic real-time insight needed to transform your network operations.

Service providers today are facing big challenges, with fast, flexible services and huge bandwidths expected as standard.

If they want to remain competitive by delivering efficient services, providers need a full understanding of what’s going on within their systems. But obtaining accurate and timely operational information has never been easy. And as networks grow more complex, it’s getting harder.

The nature of modern multivendor networks means that the information service providers have on their operations is often incomplete. And even when they can access it, it’s difficult to get to grips with. It comes from multiple sources, in inconsistent formats, and often when it’s too late to act.

A Simpler Network View

Is there a better way? We think so. Our experts have been working hard to create Cisco Crosswork, our new holistic networking framework. Crosswork uses developments like machine learning and big data to give service providers a comprehensive understanding of how their networks are functioning.

Combining open APIs with our world-leading telemetry solutions, it enables a single, complete and real time overview. It works across physical and virtual technology from different vendors, as well as third party applications, to lay the foundations for effective automation.

The mass awareness enabled by Cisco Crosswork   provides thousands of times more insight, opening up new opportunities for service providers. They can manage their spending more effectively, developing agile, efficient services to meet their customers’ expectations.

Building the World’s Largest IP Network

One business whose transformation we’ve supported is the Indian service provider, Reliance Jio. The company had a vision of an India where digital and broadband services were no longer a luxury, but a part of everyday life.

To achieve this, we helped Reliance Jio build the largest all-IP network in the world. Cisco technology enabled the mass awareness to power a 5G-ready network that makes broadband connectivity, mobile video and reliable communications possible at a huge scale.

The network, which has ten times the capacity of the world’s largest providers, has seen monthly user data consumption increase 40 times over.

Tareq Amin, Sr. the vice president for technology development and automation at Reliance Jio said: “Reliance Jio sought to enable the vision of digital India for 1.2 billion Indians and propel India into a global leadership role in the digital economy.

“We added 100 million subscribers in a world record- breaking time of 170 days. That’s almost 7 subscribers per second.”

As our work with Reliance Jio shows, the mass awareness provided by Cisco Crosswork is about more than visibility. It’s about gaining a comprehensive understanding of your network, so you can transform your operations and build future growth.


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Patricia Lopez

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Marketing EMEAR