We’re happy to share that Cisco, in collaboration with Qwilt and Unity, will be showcasing two demonstrations at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, Spain that we expect will be of great interest to Communication Service Providers (CSPs), enterprises, and content publishers alike. But first, we’d like to give you some quick background information.

As many of you have heard, Edge Cloud for Content Delivery is a solution that has resulted from Cisco’s strategic partnership with Qwilt. It has achieved outstanding customer successes since its introduction just two years ago, and we’re continuing to experience growing interest from our customer base as well as the industry. For those who aren’t yet familiar with our story, the solution elevates streaming content delivery to a whole new level. CSPs can now shift away from today’s highly fragmented, unmanaged, and bottleneck-prone Over-the-Top (OTT) content delivery to one that’s globally unified, proactively controlled by CSPs, and distributed at scale to viewers using Open Caching edge nodes. We accomplish this by uniquely combining Qwilt’s Open Caching software, cloud services, and cloud-based APIs with Cisco’s market-leading edge compute technology, and deeply embedding the nodes into the CSP network. With it, viewers get to experience the best digital streaming performances, no matter their location.

chart of edge cloud for content delivery

What You’ll See and Experience

Demo No. 1: Create a Competitive Edge

A winning Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution involves much more than merely moving content to the edge, closer to users to reduce latency and in turn, improve QoE. We know, firsthand, that our own customer successes achieved so far resulted from our solution’s unique and cohesive set of attributes and capabilities that span several key dimensions. This includes:

– Adaptability and scalability for meeting both current and evolving demands for streaming
– API-driven global onboarding and delivering content from multiple publishers (multi-tenancy)
– Visibility, predictability, and control of media traffic to ensure exceptional QoE for every viewer
– Ease of operations that positively impact overall business costs
– Monetization for CSPs as active participants in the value chain

Add to these our experience in networking that spans decades and Qwilt’s pioneering domain expertise in Open Caching software, and you have a true winner. Come join us live and in action, to learn the details and you’ll see why Cisco and Qwilt have gained the trust of our customers.

Demo No. 2: Interactive Volumetric Video Streaming

For many years, live content has been consumed as a flat and passive experience for viewers. The good news is, we’re moving towards an era where viewers will be able to interact and immerse themselves in the content. This means giving viewers a feeling of being present in a real, 3D environment with the ability to experience actions from any position and angle. Real-time volumetric streaming has tremendous implications across many verticals and industries – and particularly across the gaming, entertainment, and sports segments where we see a lot of energy. According to a recent research report (Globenewswire.com), the volumetric video market will reach US$9,685.7 million by 2028.

The underlying technology to enable such experiences is not one to be taken lightly. This is where we’re combining the Edge Cloud for Content Delivery solution from Cisco and Qwilt, with Unity’s top-notch ability to power the creation and experience of compelling, interactive volumetric media content. Together we enable the consumption of 3D streaming experiences to consumer devices at very low latency. By doing so, we’re setting the foundation for delivering outstanding immersive experiences to viewers all around the world, that will in the future enable new use-cases like cloud gaming, augmented collaboration, and so much more. Come join us live and talk with our experts.

Both demos will be showcased in Exhibit Hall 3, booth E30.

Learn more

The countdown to MWC 2022 continues. In the meantime, you can check out a recent article, authored by Theodore Tzevelekis, Cisco’s VP and Head of Business Development, Mass-scale Infrastructure Group, that provides an overview of the successes we have achieved so far through our partnership with Qwilt. Please also take a few minutes to watch this interview led by Light Reading, where Theodore specifically highlights the key factors that are contributing to this outstanding success and momentum.

You can also explore some of the resources available on the Cisco Edge Cloud for Content Delivery solution on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at MWC 2022!



Mina Paik

Telco Cloud Product Marketing Leader

Mass-scale Infrastructure Group