Cisco recently put up an impressive showing at Telecom Asia’s 10th Annual Readers’ Choice & Innovation Awards, to clinch 2 awards despite strong competition. The annual awards ceremony held on November 16 in Singapore, recognizes the advancements and contributions by leading telecom and tech organizations.

Awarded the NFV Innovation of the Year for our enhanced SDN and NFV Platform for multi-vendor, multi-domain innovation in Telco Networks, and the Network Optimization Innovation of the Year for our Self-Optimizing Network (SON) technology, the wins are an acknowledgement of Cisco’s recent innovation in software solutions which simplify, automate and virtualize service provider networks.

Award recipient of NFV Innovation of the Year: Mr Andrew Eaton – Director, Cisco Systems

The Cisco SDN and NFV Platform, is already simplifying multi-vendor NFV implementation for service providers (SPs). With our first-generation Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) platform release, we’ve enabled several SPs to achieve greater speed, business agility and operational efficiency through network automation. They are now able to accelerate service delivery from months to minutes, bringing services to market ahead of the competition. In turn, their customers are enjoying faster access to customized offerings. And now, with our second-generation platform, we continue to innovate by adding core function packs and modules that further reduces deployment times and costs, for a higher return on investment (ROI) and an even faster time to market required in the upcoming age of 5G and IoT.

Award recipient of Network Optimization Innovation of the Year: Mr Dirk Wolter – Managing Director, Cisco Systems

Similarly, Cisco’s SON technology is enabling massive growth in Asia’s mobile data networks with multi-vendor, multi-technology Radio Access Network (RAN) automation. In India alone, Cisco’s SON is maintaining over 200,000 2G, 3G and 4G cells, with this number set to double in the next two years.

By helping operators improve network performance and availability, our SON technology has become key in the race for faster site expansion, automated optimization and enhanced user experience. Customers can now enjoy higher data speed, improved voice call quality, less dropped calls and more reliable connectivity – all amounting to a superior mobile experience. Due to its rich roadmap, Cisco’s SON has established itself as the preferred SON vendor across Asia Pacific.

The wins are a testament to the strength and diversity of Cisco’s innovation and leadership in Asia Pacific. They mark our goal to meet changing market needs and technology trends, and deliver truly future-proof solutions to our customers. By helping SPs to simplify, automate and virtualize, I believe Cisco is poised to answer the call for greater efficiency and revenue growth, as we head into the 5G era.

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Chris Heckscher

Vice President

Global Service Provider