As a leading managed cloud service provider, Rackspace has been helping business customers drive digital transformation through IT-as-a-Service and multicloud solutions for almost 20 years. And for nearly all of that time, Rackspace has partnered with Cisco to ensure that transformation was seamless, safe, and secure.

To provide the highest levels of security for their company and their customers’ networks, Rackspace relies on the Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). With over 22,000 Cisco firewalls in place, Rackspace provides customers advanced protection against sophisticated threats.

According to the recently released Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report, networks are under attack by malware that has reached “unprecedented levels of sophistication and impact”. With the weaponization of cloud services, service providers must look to scalable cloud security platforms as a first line of defense.

As businesses increasingly move to multicloud environments in order to increase efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, service providers like Rackspace must constantly guard against new threat vectors. By directly integrating the Firepower into their managed services, Rackspace is able to provide customers an unprecedented level of security, control and customization.

Rackspace also provides its customers with a deep level of Cisco expertise, with Fanatical Support® from 3,000+ Rackspace hosting engineers that have earned over 800 Cisco certifications, including CCNAs, CCNPs, and CCIEs.

Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall
Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall

Cisco Firepower, the industry’s first fully integrated, threat-focused next-generation firewall …

  • Stops threats, known and unknown, with the industry’s most effective threat protection;
  • Provides more insight into and control over the users, applications, devices, threats, and vulnerabilities in the network;
  • Detects malware earlier and acts faster by shrinking time-to-detection from months to hours with quicker remediation, and
  • Reduces complexity and simplifies operations by consolidating all security functions to one device.

As a long-standing Cisco Security customer with vast knowledge and experience, Rackspace has developed a unique relationship with Cisco where the two companies work together in developing and trialling new security technologies and solutions.

“Rackspace has tested and deployed many of our leading-edge security solutions, from early firewalls to Firepower, and we are grateful for their partnership in our ongoing efforts to make customers’ journey to the cloud a safe one,” said Shawn Henry, Cisco Security VP/GM.

“Having a partner like Cisco, who understands both security and the complexities of multicloud, is extremely valuable to us as we look to meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Brian Kelly, Rackspace Chief Security Officer.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Cisco and Rackspace work together.

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