What do you say when your customers want a diverse range of cloud services—SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, private, public, hybrid—with the ability to deploy on demand? What if they want the flexibility to order and manage them all from the cloud, while keeping their data onsite? And what if they say they can’t wait weeks for you to build a solution, they’d like it immediately please?

If you’re United Data Technologies (UDT), you say, “Sure, no problem.”

UDT can meet all of these demands, and more, with its new eCloud managed cloud service offering, powered by the Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform.

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Bringing the Cloud to New Customers

UDT serves a wide range of customers, from small private school systems with a few sites, to global shipping and logistics companies like Seaboard Marine, that have offices in dozens of countries.

Despite their diversity, UDT customers share some common requirements. When they need new technology services, they need them fast. They need to be able to consume them in a way that doesn’t require complex onsite integration. And while they’re interested in the possibilities of the cloud, most aren’t ready to jump in with both feet. They want the security that comes from keeping their data securely on premises, and the comfort of working with technology partners they know and trust.

With Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform, UDT can bring their customers the speed and flexibility of the cloud in a way that fits where their businesses are right now. They can deliver quick-to-deploy, easily consumable on-premises services. And they can strengthen their relationship as strategic partners for their customers, instead of leaving them to navigate pure public cloud offerings on their own.

Inside eCloud

UDT’s eCloud offering draws on the tight integration between Cisco and Microsoft to support simple, effective hybrid cloud services. The solution is based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Mini, which delivers the operational simplicity of integrated server, storage, and networking in a single compact platform designed for branch offices. The platform is pre-integrated with Microsoft Windows Azure Pack, so it can support a wide range of sophisticated, pretested managed cloud services “out of the box.”

For example, if a UDT customer is opening a new branch office, they can ship out a fully-functional, cloud-connected branch platform. Customers can simply connect the platform to the internet, open up UDT’s customer portal, and start activating cloud services. They can choose from disaster recovery as a service, backup as a service, SQL databases, Microsoft Office365 applications, and more, all pretested and pre-provisioned on the node. So customers can get new applications and services up and running literally with a click of a button.

A New Cloud Advantage

For UDT, building eCloud on the Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform means they can continually add new services and scale them up easily to grow their managed cloud business. They can remotely manage the entire system for their customers from the cloud. And they can do it without exposing customers to all the delays and operational complexity that would come with building a complete IT stack onsite.

UDT’s customers can start benefiting from the speed and scalability of the cloud in an environment that doesn’t feel much different from their traditional IT operations. Their data can still remain on premises, and they can still maintain localized security and control. And they don’t have to put their trust in some new cloud startup. They get all of this from industry leaders in the cloud, Microsoft and Cisco, who deliver a highly reliable solution that’s tightly integrated at the engineering level.

The end result: UDT customers can radically reduce the time between deciding to ramp up a new site or application, and generating value from it. They can start taking advantage of the cloud without giving up local control or data residency. Meanwhile, UDT can differentiate their services, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow their business. Because with Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform, they have a foundation for scalable cloud managed services that drive real competitive advantage for their customers.

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Peter Lackey

Technical Solutions Architect, Sales