… is actually sweeter in this case. The well-regarded managed service creation and delivery platform formerly known as Cisco Virtual Managed Services (VMS) is now the Cisco Managed Services Accelerator (MSX). As Cisco’s key strategic managed services platform for service providers, we feel this new name better reflects the product’s true function and value. You’ll continue to see “VMS” on our web site and documents for some time as we migrate to MSX, but the new name will be phased in over time as we continue to grow the platform.

And speaking of growth …

Release 3.3 Available Now

We are pleased to announce the release of MSX 3.3, featuring a number of new features and enhancements that increase the platform’s security and improve usability.

Simpler, Easier, More Secure

A few of the enhancements to MSX include …


Preloaded template data simplifies service creation and deployment and accelerates time to market.


Cleaner, clearer user interfaces make it easier for service providers to monitor and manage service status and device performance.

More Secure

Improved platform security to protect from DDoS, and malware, and other threats, ensures mission critical services continue uninterrupted.

Additional enhancements include cleaner, clearer and more complete dashboards; improved integration with our industry-leading service packs for virtual “plug and play” services; and overall improvements to platform stability and availability. In short, we didn’t just improve the name, we improved the product’s operations, functionality, and reliability.

See it all in action

If you’re attending Cisco Live in Orlando next week, be sure to stop by our demo station in the World of Solutions area and see the new MSX in action. We’ll be demonstrating how service providers can deploy a managed SD-WAN service in minutes, not months, by leveraging the power of MSX and vManage.

So remember, MSX – new name; same innovative platform to help service providers develop and deliver multiple cloud-managed services supporting multitenancy and multivendor. And no thorns …