2014 seems to be flying by. I cannot seem to keep up. The blur started with, well, Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season, New Years, Chinese New Year, and now Valentine’s Day is on Friday. You made that dinner reservation right?

We often get questions from folks about which model is right for their small business, whether we are talking about a switch, wireless access point or router. Of course the answer depends on the questioner and their respective business. For a home office or solo person business to a small team of employees in a single room/area, an all-in-one wireless router will make sense. Essentially, it has a router, small switch and wireless access point in one box. Once the business requires more people and more real estate, a more complex approach maybe necessary.

I saw a tweet last week from a gentleman in the UK who did a write-up on the RV220W, which is an all-in-one model. The writer does a good job comparing a normal consumer router versus a small business router and pointing important characteristics to look for. Take a look at the write-up, then go make that reservation.

Have Fun!

Cisco RV220W Small Business Router-Does it fit your business?


Marc Nagao

Product Manager

Small Business RV Series Routers