Hello all. I trust it has been a good week for you.

I am happy to report I am back in-country here in Southern California after a week in Shanghai. I went to visit my fantastic technical product team as we kicked off a new program that will bring five new models in the next couple of years. Exciting times to be had for the team. I am lucky to have such a bright and energetic team.

The switching and wireless teams also kicked off new product programs recently, so rest assured, the process continues in bringing to market the best networking in the industry.

Back to teams – why stop at one fantastic team right? We are also very lucky to have a small team based on the beautiful campus of UC Santa Cruz. I paid a visit to them last year, and what a delight to be around such energy! This team has been producing videos for us for about a year, with the scope being varied in nature. We are planning technical, “how-to’s”, informative feature shorts, and even light product datasheets.

So with that here is a new video highlighting the new RV320 and RV325 with the new web filtering feature. This awesome short features Zhill Olonan who does a great job on this.

Great job Zhill!

By now, you have probably seen or heard of some of the new products we have launched this year. We have new switching news, including new SG350X and SG550X stackable, managed switch models. The switching portfolio continues the path to the best in the business.

Shhhh, between you and I, there are more models coming out this fall……

We also released a myriad of Wireless Access Points, including the WAP571 and outdoor cousin, the WAP571E. There are also new 300 and 100 Series models that were just released. The wireless portfolio continues to impress.

I personally have been busy, as I released a number of new RV Series models including the two above, the RV130 and RV130W with web filtering, and the new DSL/Ethernet combo models, the RV132W and RV134W. My work is not done, there will be more coming next year!

Please check out each respective technology page on Cisco.com for more information, or please contact your local Cisco Partner.



Marc Nagao

Product Manager

Small Business RV Series Routers