In today’s hyperconnected world where seamless customer experience is the key to success, your network can often become the differentiator that helps you succeed. This is true not just for large enterprises, but also for small and medium businesses.

Through Cisco’s small and medium business portfolio, we have been bringing the latest technology to our SMB customers and helping them create secure, reliable networks that can be effortlessly setup, monitored and managed; all at prices that fit small business budgets.

The new Cisco Catalyst 1200 and 1300 series switches are the latest additions to our small and medium business portfolio of access switches with Linux-based OS that combine powerful network performance, simplified management, and reliability with a comprehensive suite of network features that enable the digital transformation of growing businesses and branch offices.

These switches have been designed to help customers focus on growing their business rather than spending their time managing IT, by offering the following benefits:

Simplicity – Simple management with web-based configuration, Cisco Business Mobile App and Cisco Business Dashboard. Auto discovery for easy integration with Collab and Wi-Fi products.

Flexibility – Ultimate business flexibility with Gigabit, Multigigabit and 10G connectivity, Gigabit or 10G uplinks, and PoE+ support up to 740W.

Security – Advanced security protocols providing a solid security foundation, ensuring privacy and business continuity.


Cisco Catalyst® 1200 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 1200 Series Switches are purpose-built for growing businesses, combining robust performance & reliability with ease of setup, monitoring & management. These switches provide comprehensive security capabilities, Layer 3 static routing features, & multiple PoE+ options to choose from.

Cisco Catalyst® 1300 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 1300 Series Switches are fixed, managed, enterprise-class Layer 3 switches designed for small and medium-sized business and branch offices. They offer advanced security features, front-panel stacking capabilities, gigabit, multi-gigabit and 10 gig-ethernet options, and Layer 3 RIP routing, with a POE+ budget up to 740W.

Which one do you need?

The following table compares the prominent features of Catalyst 1200 and 1300 series switches:

Features of Catalyst 1200 and 1300 series switches

With the Cisco Catalyst 1200 and 1300 Series switches, there are no licenses to purchase, and software updates are available at no additional cost. The switches offer a limited lifetime warranty with one-year free phone support.

Customers who wish to deploy themselves can purchase the new Cisco Catalyst 1200 and 1300 series switches through eComm partners such as Amazon.com or other e-tailers. Cisco partners can contact their distributor of choice.

Read more about the benefits of each of these switches:

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Shaishav Upadhyay

Leader, Product Management

Campus Connectivity Switching GTM