There’s a great sketch that Louis CK does about our impatience with technology and how much we’ve come to take it for granted. Our ability to connect from anywhere has raised our expectations for being able to instantly get or do what we want. And, when it comes to small businesses, that expectation turns to urgency for keeping productivity levels high. It’s this kind of thinking that framed the development of the new Cisco Small Business RV215W router.

The idea was to create a router that was versatile, but could also pack all your essential networking needs in a single device. The output: an all-in-one router that combines wireless-n, a secure firewall, a four-port switch, and a USB port for broadband connectivity. For customers, that translates to a simplified way to ensure that whatever business is at hand can be done securely and without interruption.

Check out this quick video featuring one of our product managers, to hear his personal take on why he’s excited about this new offering.

To learn more about the Cisco Small Business RV-Series Routers, click here.


Linda Beaton

Marketing Manager

GMP Data Center Marketing Team