At Cisco we’ve been relentlessly focusing on how to simplify IT – making it easier to manage, deploy, secure, and easier to buy. This effort to simplify doesn’t just cover large enterprise networks – we’re happy to do the same for small business as well. We’ve purposely engineered the Cisco Business portfolio of network switches and wireless access points to give you a secure and rock-solid network foundation but with affordable value pricing and without monthly subscription costs.

With that I’m thrilled to announce a new model of access point and mesh extender that brings Wi-Fi 6 performance coupled with Cisco quality and support. All starting at a list price of around only $125 USD – our lowest price ever for this type of technology. The new CBW150AX and CBW151AXM are with our distributors now, including Amazon.

What else sets this new access point and mesh extender apart?

Improved performance

You get enterprise-class Wi-Fi6 functionality allowing for better performance, greater access, and increased bandwidth, no matter how demanding the application. With hybrid work and increased demands for video application, even SMBs need the latest technology. And it’s backwards compatible to support older mobile devices and computers.


You need to work, not manage your network. It’s easy to setup, manage, and monitor with the Cisco Business Mobile app or Dashboard. There is no need to know any command line management.


Need more coverage? It’s easy to expand by simply mixing and matching additional Cisco Business wireless access points and mesh extenders. Embedded Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) offers additional flexibility to reduce the need for AC power.

Affordable pricing

The new CBW150AX and CBW151AXM offer enterprise performance at a small business price point with no subscription or license fees.

Best of all, and perhaps most importantly – we know that you still want a warranty and phone support if you do have issues. Have you ever tried to troubleshoot any kind of problem over chat? When it really matters you want to reach a live expert who can help. Therefore, we include a year of complimentary 24×7 phone support along with a 3 year return-to-factory warranty, because we know the network is critical no matter the size.

To learn more, go here. Get ready for the future – now is the time to turn your wireless network into a competitive advantage.


Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing